Guanaco Truck: Guanacombo Dining Package Review

Diana Chan August 27, 2012 Downtown, Food Carts, Salvadoran, Streetcart, Three Beakers

Foodology Disclaimer: approached me to try out their “Guanacombo Dining Package” and write a review about it. I got a complementary dining package for myself and I tried to keep the review as unbiased as I could.

Guanaco Truck and have teamed up to create the “Guanacombo” Dining Package for only $9. I came downtown with Alvin to check this deal out. I’ve never been to Guanaco Truck, so I was pretty excited. Guanaco Truck serves authentic Salvadoran food.

Their truck explains their name and how to pronounce it. It’s good to note how to pronounce the name because I told people I was going to the Guantanamo Truck. I know, I am horrible and I was embarassed! Remember, it’s [gwah-nah-koh].

The Guanacombo Dining package comes with Pasteles, Yuca Fritas, Pupusas, Bebidas, and Curtido. It makes for a very filling lunch!

The line ups around noon were ok, but it did take a bit of time for the food to be ready. Everything is freshly made, so I am willing to wait a bit longer.

Bebidas is Spanish for drink. You can choose from

  • Horchata: beverage made of morro seeds, ground cocoa, cinnamon, sesame seeds, nutmeg, tigernuts and vanilla
  • Tarmarindo: chilled beverage made from the tropical tamarind fruit
  • Cebada: chilled beverage made from flavoured barley, coloured with crushed seeds

I chose the Horchata and it was ok, but at the end all the seeds settled to the bottom and created a bit of a paste. You may want to stir it up once in a while.

Time to dig in to the other items of this meal. The Yuca Fritas are made of deep-fried cassava root. They are really crunchy and taste nothing like regular fries. Definitely something to try.

Pasteles are deep-fried corn pocket stuffed with beef, cheese, and vegetables. I really liked it! Yummy flavours and it goes well with the sauce that accompanies this meal.

The pupausas come in 4 different flavours:

  • Revueltas, seasoned pork with vegetables, cheese and savoury refried black beans
  • Queso Y Frijoles, savoury refried black beans, and a mixture of fresh and aged cheeses
  • Ayote, savoury refried black beans, cheese and zucchini
  • Pollo, seasoned chicken with vegetables, cheese and savoury refried black beans

I chose the Pollo Pupausas since I really love chicken. The chicken was well seasoned and pairs nicely with the ooey gooey cheese.

Fresh Tomato Sauce comes with the meal and it’s great to dip the pasteles and pupusas into it.

Curtido is pickled slaw. It was alright, but nothing too amazing.

I personally enjoyed this meal since I don’t often eat food like this. It’s great exploring different types of cuisines. The downside is that some items are a bit oily. My favorite items were the pasteles and pupusas.

The menu is a tad confusing, but don’t worry, most people struggle with pronouncing the menu items.

You save about $4 with buying the Guanacombo dining package from The package is available now on their site. If you are looking for something different for lunch, give Guanaco Truck a try.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10
  • Pasteles and pupusas taste awesome
  • Lines can get a bit long around 1pm

We Rate Guanaco Truck:

Seymour St & Robson St (Outside H Mart)
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