Green Leaf Sushi: Aburi Sushi and Sashimi


Green Leaf Sushi in Kitsilano has been generating quite a buzz lately for their Aburi Sushi Platter. They have their version of Miku’s Salmon Oshi Sushi, which is driving people crazy on instagram.


We came here for dinner with the family and waited about an hour and a bit for their large table that fits 8 people. We tried making a reservation in the morning, but they need at least 24 hours notice, so we went a bit early to put our name down since we knew it would be a wait. Even for groups for 4 or 5, they also seem to wait a while.

Always best to make reservations to avoid any waiting.


Complimentary tea arrives on the table or you can ask for water. They weren’t as diligent filling up the tea, but since the restaurant was so busy, it was ok. You just need to flag down a server.


Kabocha Korokke comes with 3 pieces. There is a quail egg inside covered in winter squash. It was pretty good, but we wished there were even pieces instead of just 3 pieces.


Prawn Tempura comes with 6 pieces. Crispy golden and light batter that surrounds the prawn. You’ll need to dunk it in the sauce or else it feels a bit heavy and oily.


For the family, we shared the Aburi Sushi Platter that comes with 6 pieces of each aburi and the roll that has 8. 6 different varieties with 38 pieces in total. it takes about 30 minutes to prepare, so make sure you order this right away when you sit down.

  • Salmon Oshi Sushi
  • Basil Ebi oshi sushi
  • Yukke Tuna Oshi Sushi
  • Sime Saba Oshi Sushi
  • Hotate Oshi Sushi
  • Aburi Tobibo roll


All the rolls were really good. Fresh ingredients and lots of favour. It’s a great item to share with the table, but it is about $60 something dollars.


Salmon Sashimi uses wild salmon, so the quality is really good.


Tuna sashimi was stellar! Some pieces were basically toro. Melt in your mouth!


Saba Miso Yaki is grilled mackerel with miso sauce on top. It also have grilled onions and a side of rice.


Tuna tataki salad was good and lightly dressed with lots of greens on top.


The udon that my dad got was ok, but it reminded us of kimchi stew.


Kimchi bacon Ishiyaki was so poorly put together, whoever made it does not know how to cook rice. The rice was so mushy that you know they added too much water to the rice. Since there was so much moisture, it could barely crisp up in the hot bowl.


Chopped scallop roll, House Roll and Negitoro roll were all well put together, fresh ingredients and super tasty.

Overall, the sushi and the sashimi were very good and fresh. The quality was great, but we didn’t like the cooked items like their udon and their rice bowl. Stick with the aburi sushi and some of their rolls and you’ll have a good time.

We Rate Green Leaf Sushi35rating

3416 West Broadway, Vancouver


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  • Totally feel the same way about the ishiyaki. Why have a stone bowl if there’s no sizzle or crunchy rice? :/