Grand Waldo Restaurant: Breakfast Buffet in Macau Hotel

Diana Chan October 14, 2012 Macau

When we were in Macau, we stayed in the Grand Waldo Hotel. Breakfast Buffet is also included in the room rate. The hotel is nice, but it is quite far away from the ferry back to Hong Kong. It’s also quite isolated from major attractions. There are shuttle buses that take you to the other casinos.

When you enter the buffet, all the seating is on the left and the food is on the right.

There are various assorted food from salads, platters of cured meats, etc.

There are limited varieties of fruits, but the fruits were very fresh.

There are lots of toast and banana bread.

A coffee machine is available to make different variations of coffee.

They also have mini croissants and danishes.

There is an omelette station with someone creating personalized omelettes with your ingredients of choice.

There is a noodle/ oden bar. You can choose what items you want inside.

In my oden, I got fish balls, daikon, and pigs skin. It tasted good and the broth was addictive.

I found the pig skin really weird since there were still hair follicles in the skin. I’ve never noticed hair in pig skin, but this is quite eerie.

You can also get plain congee and put whatever toppings you want! I threw in some Chinese donuts and pickled vegetables.

Croissant, cured meats, beef sausage, breakfast sausage, and eggplant.

Fruit, meats, and cheese.

Overall, the quality is Ok. You do get a variety of dishes you can choose from, but not the best. Since it does come with the price of a hotel room, you can’t complain.

We Rate Grand Waldo Restaurant:

Sul da Marina Taipa-sul
junto à Rotunda do Dique Oeste
Taipa, Macau

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