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Diana Chan January 19, 2011 Chinese, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

My parents wanted to go out to eat with my grandfather, so they looked at a Chinese newspaper to see where they should go. They found Grand Dynasty and wanted to try it out. They have never been to a Chinese restaurant in casino before, so they seemed excited to go.

Grand Dynasty is located at the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby.

The interior was really nice and they had these really cool chandlers.

For lunch they have a dim sum menu, and for larger dishes they have the regular menu.

What my mother loved were the super asian place settings. They also charge for their tea…which I suppose is a bit strange…but some restaurants do do that. One tea pot is $1.25.

Shredded Bitter Melon ($6.75) was on the dim sum menu and my parents ordered it. I really don’t like bitter melon but I usually try a piece or 2 in hope that maybe it won’t be so gross.  Older asians tend to like it, younger people not so much.

This is the Beef Ball in Soup ($4.95). There were 3 beef balls cut in half, the soup was watercress soup I think. It also came with sauce to dip the beef into. This dish was pretty good.

Bean Curd w/ Crab Meat ($4.95) was probably my favorite, it usually is. I love the texture because it’s nice and soft on the outside and the inside has lots of ingredients. Plus, the sauce makes it really good. I’d probably get this again.

Veggie wrap with bean curd sheet ( $4.95). There’s actually 3 pieces, but my father ate one before I could take a picture. I didn’t eat this dish so I am not sure if it was good.

Steam Stick Rice ($5.25) is not serves wrapped up in a leaf! It was in a bowl with a leaf on top. I am not sure if that matters…anyways, the dish was layered, so on the bottom is rice, then meat, then rice again on top.

According to the server, you have to mix the ingredients together and not just eat it as is.

Shark Fin Dumpling in Soup ($6.50) was really good according to the family. It had more than just whatever you see in the photo.

steamed ribs with blackbean sauce ($4.95) tasted like any normal spare ribs.

House Special Chow Mein ($14.85) looked really good and tasted good! On the bottom you have the crunchy noodles, and on top you have squid, prawns, mushrooms, scallops, meat, and vegetables.

Sweet Osmanthus Cake ($4.50). I have never had this before, but apparently its made out of flowers. Very well made!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Good food!
  • A little bit on the pricy side, but still decent
  • Weekday afternoon you usually get good service since it’s not packed.
  • After food adventure to the ….CASINO
  • Free parking

We Rate Grand Dynasty:


4331 Dominion Street
Burnaby, BC

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