Gong Cha: Bubble Tea in Joyce-Collingwood Neighbourhood

Diana Chan August 5, 2018 Bubble Tea, Korean, Renfrew-Collingwood

Gong Cha opened the newest location in the Joyce area on Tyne Street across from Safeway. The other locations are in Downtown Vancouver by the Vancouver Public Library and in Richmond. It’s good that it’s finally a little bit closer to Burnaby.

During their grand opening weekend, we went to get $2 bubble tea with milk foam as that was their promotion. Since we live close by, we knew we should come here early before they open at 12pm.


The interior is a decent size with a few tables to sit and enjoy the drinks. Most people did take out as it was really busy on opening day with line ups out the door. If you come here at non-peak times, you should be able to get a spot.

Green Tea with Milk Foam

I went with the green tea with milk foam for my drink with 50% sweetness and 30% ice. I want to be able to taste the tea without it being masked by the sweetness of too much sugar. The milk foam is a bit salty which is a nice balance surprisingly.

It was good and I enjoyed it.

Black Tea with Milk Foam

The black tea with milk foam was the most popular of the series from what I saw other people ordering. The above has pearls and is 30% sweet.

This one is regular sweetness and ice levels for the black tea with milk foam. When it comes to the combination of sugar and ice levels, its all based off personal preference.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to have more bubble tea options in the area especially Gong Cha, which is well known for their drinks all around the world. We only had the milk foam series, but they have more to offer that just that. There is classic milk tea to fruity drinks.

5712 Tyne St, Vancouver BC


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