Golden Szechuan Restaurant 老四川: Szechuan Cuisine in Richmond

Diana Chan March 7, 2015 Chinese, Richmond


Whats great about Richmond, BC is their abundance of different Chinese cuisine. Even thought I’ve grew up in Vancouver, it always amazes me how much diversity we have in the different cuisines. Not all Chinese restaurants are the same.

While on a media tour with Tourism Richmond, they took us to Golden Szechuan Restaurant on No. 3 Road to show us the spicy side of Szechuan cuisine. They emphasize the use of chili in their dishes, so you will taste spicy and pungent flavours.


The restaurant is quite large with high ceilings. It’s great for small to large groups.


Pork Slices Hanging on Bamboo is a pretty cool dish to order as it has a funny presentation. We dubbed this “Meat Laundry” as it reminded us of a laundry rack with hanging meat.

You have strips of cucumber and pork slices hanging above a  spicy sauce. To devour this, you just take a piece of cucumber and pork, then dip it into the sauce. The sauce is very good and definitely enhances the flavour of the cucumber and the pork.


Szechuan Fried Green Beans were delicious. Not spicy at all, but had a lot of flavour. I could eat this all day.


House Special Diced Chicken with Red Pepper was our favourite dish. It had a good amount of spice, but the chicken was tender and flavourful. Mmm Mmm Mmm.


Hot & Sour Potatoes were my least favourite dish. The spiciness and the sourness of the potatoes didn’t work out too well for me. I would rather have crispy hash browns.


Boiled Beef in Chili Oil was good. You definitely need to eat this with rice. If you don’t have the stomach for spicy food, this dish isn’t for you. Luckily for me, I love spicy food! The level of spice was manageable, but not too intense.


Overall, it was great to see the variations on Chinese cuisine. When it comes to Szechuan cuisine, I still prefer New Spicy Chili in Richmond as it’s more casual, better execution and more affordable. Golden Szechuan Restaurant is more high-end and expensive.

We Rate Golden Szechuan Restaurant:

3631 Number 3 Rd
Richmond, BC

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