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Diana Chan June 25, 2016 Chinese, Four Beakers, Kensington


Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant is located on Kingsway close to Victoria Drive. They have been around for 2 years and I was surprised it was so clean and modern.

ChineseBites took us here to try a few of the signature items on their menu.


We started off the meal with their daily special soup with some veggies and meat. Once it arrived at the table, they helped us scoop it into each individual bowl.


A good way to start off the meal with refreshing soup.


XO Salted Egg Yolk Crab was so good! One of the better ones out there. The contrast between the XO sauce and the Salted Egg Yolk coating was addictive. I would definitely order this again.


Lobster with Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf came in a big container and it was all really good too. The lobster was cooked very well and the rice really soaked up the delicious lobster flavours.


Peking Duck has thin crisp slices of duck skin over lobster chips. Put in the hoisin sauce, scallions, and duck in the pancakes and just enjoy.


Lettuce Wrap has the diced duck meat stir fried mixture. They try to utilize the entire duck, so the rest of the meat goes in here.


You scoop some into the lettuce and eat away.


Pan Fried Black Cod with Soy Sauce has crisp skin on the outside and delicious fatty cod. All the dishes so far were pretty good. but this dish has some bones in it, so be careful.


Dark Vinegar Spareribs wasn’t that good in my opinion. It was really sticky and overly sweet. The meat was a bit tough too.


Soft Tofu Topped with Diced Seafood goes well with rice and is very soft in texture.


House Special Spicy Clams had a good amount of spice and the clams are still delicious.


Oxtail in red wine was ok, but it mostly tasted like sweet carrots.


Eel Hot Pot was pretty good as well. It has a good amount of chunky eel in it. What’s tough about the eel are the tiny bones inside.


Lamb Hot Pot was ok too. Good to have with rice.


Chicken with Sticky Rice is their signature dish here at Golden Eats and it needs to be ordered ahead of time. It has a nice crisp skin with delicious rice inside. The presentation of the dish didn’t look that great, but when you put it in your mouth, its really good.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant, I would come back here again. I wasn’t too into the hot pots or the spareribs, but everything else was really good.

We Rate Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant4rated

Address: 2141 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

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