Going Across the Border with Modo

Diana Chan August 11, 2017 British Columbia, Car, travel

I have a corporate Modo account through my employer, but I recently got an individual account for personal trips in and out of town. I love how you can take their cars across the border and it’s a-ok. Their fleet insurance covers you to drive anywhere in Canada and the US. This definitely got my attention as I don’t like driving my own vehicle across the border because of wear and tear. When my foodie friends decided to go an impromptu trip to Seattle, Modo seemed like the perfect solution for our transportation. The pricing was very fair especially when insurance and gas (up to 200km) is covered.

Through the mobile app, I booked the 2015 Grey Nissan Vera Note, which is a 4-door hatchback with audio capabilities through an auxiliary cord, bluetooth, or USB. The best part is the rear-view camera, which not all cars in their fleet have. That rear-view camera really helped in a pinch especially when parallel parking.

We had it for an entire day and had no troubles with the vehicle. We filled up gas twice and since there is a Modo credit card inside, we had no problem using it at gas stations in Vancouver or Seattle.

You don’t have a traditional key for unlocking the vehicle, but you have your own fob that you scan over an electronic device over the reader and all the doors unlock. You don’t want to lose this fob.

Travel Tips with Modo:

  • Give yourself a bit of extra time before your trip to inspect your booked vehicle—inside and out.
  • Remove any items that don’t belong to you or the Modo car.

Overall, it was a great choice for a mini roadtrip, we will definitely use Modo again when we travel cross the border.


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