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Diana Chan November 17, 2010 Four Beakers, Japanese, North Burnaby

Gohan Japanese Restaurant is hidden near the Brentwood Mall area. It’s one of those hidden places that you would not expect to find. They serve west-coast influenced Japanese food at a decent price. I went here a few years ago and I remember it having some really good roles, so M and I decided to go after class on a Tuesday Night.

The interior is brightly lit and there servers were really nice and friendly. Notice the “A” in Gohan, it looks like an onigiri.

The menu made it easy for M and I to decide what to eat..since there were 2 of us, it seemed right to get the “Special for 2” for $28.95. We thought it would be a good idea so we can try a large variety in the menu. It comes with a tempura appetizer, California roll, runa roll, toro nigiri, edamame, agedashi tofu, 2 main courses with miso soup, green salad and steamed rice. We also added a ebi tiger mayo gyoza ($6.50). We also added cokes to it too.

M had the coke…look at him pour some coke. I decided to be super asian and stick with some green tea. I think they had the best service because I was asked 4 times in total if I wanted more tea. I felt so happy because usually at Sushi Town or California Sushi, I would be neglected and left with empty cups of tea. Gohan is <3. A full cup of tea is a happy DesignGirl.

To start it off, we both got some miso soup. It was good that it wasn’t too large since there was so much to eat. The miso soup was similar to other restaurants.

The Tiger Shrimp Mayo Gyoza ($6.50) was very innovative. It came with a nice soy sauce/mayo. It was delicious but sometimes I felt like I ate the gyoza skin before devouring the shrimp.

The tempura appetizer arrived with the usual sauce. What I liked about this one is how it didn’t taste super oily.

The agedashi tofu was the best agedashi tofu we have ever had! It came with 5 pieces and had a nice sauce. The presentation looked very simple.

The edamame beans were salted on the outside. They were cooked perfectly and we had no complaints.

The ingredients in these 2 sushi rolls are really fresh and they use the best ingredients for their sushi. The tuna was really good….REALLY GOOD. They do have a good selection of sashimi at Gohan.

Best TORO NIGIRI EVER! So much better than any other sushi place in Burnaby. The toro literally melted in your mouth. Amazing quality!!

I got the Chicken Teriyaki as my main. It came with steamed rice, green salad and a small little korokke. I enjoyed it and it had teriyaki sauce on top. When this arrived, I was super stuffed so I couldn’t eat it all. I ate about half and it was a pretty damn well made chicken teriyaki.

M got the Unagi as his main. It came with the same sides. M enjoyed the Unagi and had no issues with it.

The green salad had a big tomato in it. I think it was a bit too big to eat it in one bite. It was still pretty tasty nonetheless. It took M a while to figure out the small ball on the plate was korokke. I thought it was takoyaki. But when you take a bit, you are greeted with the taste of fried mashed potatoes. It was good that it was just one bite rather than a big thing or else we would have been SUPER STUFFED.

Instead of having big white boxes, they package all the left overs in small little containers. No big boxes…unless it is hot food like the chicken teriyaki.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Great fast service
  • Food came very fast
  • High quality ingredients
  • The best toro you will ever eat!
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Closed on Sundays

We really enjoyed Gohan and it has become our favorite place to go to in Burnaby to get sushi! M really loves toro, so I am sure he will always go to Gohan from now on. The whole meal can to be $44, which was amazing since there was so much food.

We rate Gohan:

They are located at:

1815 Rosser Ave S
Burnaby, BC V5C

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