Go Go Thai Food: Lunch Specials and Take Out

Diana Chan January 25, 2013 Downtown, lunch, Thai, Two Beakers

Go Go Thai Food

Go Go Thai Food is located on Seymour Street across from Granville Skytrain and the Bay. Is a small little restaurant, but its popular with the lunch crowd for either Take Out or their good lunch specials. I met up with TaiwaneseGirl during our lunch break and decided to have their lunch special which contained a soup, appetizer and a curry for about $10.

Go Go Thai Food

Tom Yum Soup was very basic and there were only mushrooms in it. The taste is spicy and sour, thus giving the soup its distinctive taste.

Go Go Thai Food

Chicken Skewer was dry and didn’t really resemble fresh chicken. It tasted OK, but not great.

Go Go Thai Food

Spicy Green Curry with lamb was very very spicy. The menu had 3 hot peppers on it, but I ignored it since I thought I could handle it. It also comes with rice. The portion was a good size for lunch and you definitely get full.

Overall, the food was ok and had a good price. They have a lot of different curries, so you don’t have to get anything super spicy like what I accidentally did. The service was quick and we were able to get back to our offices in under 1 hour.

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682 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. GZ October 18, 2013 at 12:42 am

    I had the worst experience today while going there!! If you don’t mind, I would like to share my story here as well!

    If I could, I would give it negative stars. Not even complaining about the store’s decor nor the authenticity (or rather, the lack of…) at Go Go Curry House/Thai Food. The moment I enter the store, the air smelled of vinegar and other oily foods left out for hours. I thought oh what the heck, even if it wasn’t good, I should at least fill my stomach. BIG MISTAKE. This is the start of my woeful tale.

    I ordered a tom yum chicken noodle soup thinking it would at least be better than food court thai express, since it is cooked right away and this is a restaurant after all. WRONG. The soup was near tasteless by itself. To compensate for that? Overload it with spicy oil and vinegar. There was only sliced mushroom, pieces of chicken, and plain noodle floating around in the bowl of water+oil+vinegar. I though to myself, at least there was chicken. WRONG AGAIN. When I bit into the chicken, my mouth was violated by a strong odor of spoilt chicken. I could almost throw up. I couldn’t eat the rest of the contents, in fear of getting food poisoning, so I called the waitress to notify her about the chicken. She brings it back to the counter and I hear the other two chinese ladies talking loudly about the problem and bickering amongst themselves as if I couldn’t hear or understand them. It gets better from here…

    The lady whom I presume to be the lady boss, marched over under a guise of a polite smile and started rambling on about how this isn’t their problem because their chicken is always fresh and that I could even enter their kitchen to check it out. (a/n: Isn’t it a violation of food safety to let anyone into a resturant kitchen so easily?) Anyways, I told her that there is something strange about the taste of the chicken, like it wasn’t properly prepared (a/n: I have sharp tastebuds so I could definitely tell if something is wrong, even if they tried to cover it with the spicy soup). Her smile was starting to crack and started to reveal her annoyance and displeasure. She told me that nothing is wrong with their food and repeated how their chicken is fresh at least five times. She kept using the excuse that it was the soup that made the chicken taste different and that I wasn’t used to it. She even blamed it on me saying that “maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and my taste buds are wonky today, thus not tasting their food properly”. She was so focused on defending herself and pushing the responsibility to me that she didn’t bother apologizing nor proposing a solution until much later on during this confrontation.

    In the end, she decided that I could exchange my food for other foods on the menu, (a/n: I paid $13.xx for bowl of noodles, while the most expensive lunch combo was only $9.xx or something). I saw that her other foods were overcooked and left out for a long time, plus I can’t trust their store anymore because of this experience so I refused to order other foods (a/n: I mean, if the food I’ve seen are already so poorly prepared, how can I bear to subject myself to further torture?) I walked up to the cashier and let them know I didn’t want to exchange for another dish, and it would be appreciated if I could get my money back. The boss lady immediately started yelling at me how they will not return my money after “eating their food” (a/n: which was only a small bite, and that was revolting). I saw this coming, since ladies like her are notorious for this kind of attitude, so I told myself I’m paying them to learn a lesson instead.

    Moral of the story? Avoid Go Go Curry House/Thai Food like the plague. You will end up with no meal + no money + sick stomach.

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