[Giveaway] $100 Presidents Choice Gift Card

Diana Chan September 25, 2015 Contest


To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on Sunday September 27th, we will be giving away a $100 Presidents Choice Gift Card. You can use that to buy stretchy pants from Joe Fresh after eating ALL the mooncakes or groceries to cook up a delicious meal for your family.

The $100 Presidents Choice gift card can be used at:

Contest open to all residents of Canada.

To enter, let me know in the comments below what’s your favourite snack. For additional entries, take a look at the list below in the widget.

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About The Author

Diana started Foodology in 2010 because she just eats out everyday! She started a food blog to share her love of food with the world! She lives in Vancouver, BC and adores the diversity of food around her. She will go crazy for churros and lattes.

  • Amy

    My favourite snack is homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

  • Epuni

    My fave snack is Chex Mix

  • Karen Y

    Lays regular chips!

  • Linda

    During the Mid-Autumn Festival = Moon Cakes; but every other day…No Name Rippled Potato Chips with sour cream!!!!! So good.

  • Cynthia

    Dill pickle chips!

  • Annie

    Homemade yogurt with maple syrup

  • Danielle

    I love peanut butter and apples

  • Lushka Smith


  • Alice83

    I love me some moon cake. T&t has reduced sugar one.

  • Lily


  • Dana

    honey Dijon flavored kettle branded chips

  • Scooby

    Terra Chips!

  • Kirby

    Miss Vickies Chips!

  • Sandy Y.

    Bubble waffles!!! Original is my favourite!

  • resha d

    Hardbite yoghurt and wild onion chips. I also like Chompers seaweed snacks.

  • Andrew

    Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn!

  • aes8

    All dressed chips!

  • Wendy

    Banana chips 🙂

  • Arrowroot Cookies

  • Polam Ip

    I love Costco frozen cheesecake $15.99 for 12 piece with 4 different favor! Adding whipping cream and strawberry sauce would make it even better!! sweet

  • Erica

    A mix of Smartfood popcorn and all-dressed chips!

  • Angel

    Snack? SNACK?!! WHICH SNACK?!?!?! Kinder Bueno it is.

  • Definitely not what most people would consider a “snack”, but it’s not out of the ordinary for me to snack on an entire strawberry rhubarb pie…

  • Chi Hsi

    Pretzels and peanut butter!

  • Dru C

    The Ketchup Chips <3

  • Sweethearttime

    Cashews 😀

  • Melanie A Gray

    My favourite snacks are pretzels, apple slices with peanut butter, and celery with PB!

  • Kristin Bower

    My favourite snacks are Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate or fresh sourdough bread with jam and butter! Yum!

  • Florence Lee


  • Sarah C

    Dill pickle chips

  • selma90

    Buttery popcorn is my fav!

  • Graeme c.

    Flamin’ Hot Cheetos when I can get somebody to bring me back some from the States

  • Liane Hung

    Calbee chips, if they are present I will eat them.

  • Jeff


  • naiddia peracha

    I love chips.

  • chocochi_1122

    President’s Choice chips

  • Chloe

    PC Frosted Cookies or their Mango-Lime Salsa!

  • linda

    Chips or ice cream 😉



  • Binder KaurBC

    Fig bars!

  • Maggie Cheung

    My favourite snack is hummus with olive bread!

  • nicolerf

    I have to say chocolate. I always keep some around for emergencies.

  • Donna

    chips are a major weakness!

  • L H

    I love potato chips. Miss Vickie’s are a favourite.

  • Kelly D

    I love pumpkin seeds to snack

  • OC

    Dark chocolate!

  • Belinda McNabb

    I am hooked on popcorn

  • Karla

    I love chips!!

  • Tammy Dalley

    I love grapes and cheese

  • Jacqueline Man

    I love mooncakes when Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around! All year – I love chips – any kind!

  • christina07

    chocolate almonds and salted pumpkin seeds

  • I love granola bars.

  • Jolie

    I love apples and peanut butter.

  • Priscilla

    i love coconut chips from costco! they’re delicious! or chocolate anything 😉

  • fallensakura

    So addicted to those mamee monster noodle packs. Literally it is so unhealthy but so good.

  • hoozat


  • Karen

    Chicago mix popcorn

  • Marilyn Legault

    I love anything chocolate 🙂

  • Emily C

    I love cookies.

  • Jeanne

    Love snacking on nuts, esp almonds

  • favgreen

    I enjoy my popcorn!

  • Lee

    I love Miss Vickie’s jalapeno chips! Thanks! 🙂

  • Jaclyn

    I enjoy roasted nuts and yogurt.