[Sneak Peek] Ganache Patisserie: Bûches de Noël for the Holidays

Diana Chan December 9, 2018 Cafe, Dessert, Yaletown

Ganache Patisserie has launched their newest Bûches de Noël which will feature 2 modern interpretations of the classic yulelog and 2 of their classic flavours. We got a sneak peek of these 4 flavours of their Bûches de Noël.

Traditional Bûche de Noël
Bûche au Marron Café

Bûche au Marron Café takes a coffee chiffon cake rolled with a Zephyr Caramel coffee ganache, a chestnut mousseline filling, chestnut pieces and vanilla buttercream finish.

Both yulelogs are decorated with meringue mushrooms, fondant snowflakes, woodland inspired chocolate decor in contrasting colours.

The cake is super most and surprisingly good. A nice strong coffee aroma when devoured.

Bûche au Chocolat

Bûche au Chocolat takes a chocolate roulade sponge rolled with a dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate mousseline filling with sour cherries and chocolate buttercream.

This one reminded us of Black Forest Cake due to the chocolate and cherries, but of course an elevated version.

You can order yule logs in 2 sizes depending on how many people you intend to feed:

  • 8” size (feeding 8-10 people) for $46.95
  • 12”size (feeding 12-15 people) for $65.95

Modern Bûche de Noël

Bûche Caramel Cafe Pistache 2018

This starts with a base of moist chocolate cake covered with a coffee cocoa nib crunch supporting a duo of espresso milk chocolate mousse and Zephyr Caramel chocolate mousse while a hidden core is composed of moist chocolate cake, a dark chocolate mousse with cranberries and a pistachio parfait. The entire bûche is sprayed in milk chocolate velvet with a dripping Zephyr Caramel chocolate glaze and is adorned with marbled milk and white chocolate leaves, pistachios, cranberries, cocoa nibs and white chocolate bark bookends.

Eating this was a symphony of flavours and a lot of textures from the pistachios, cocoa nibs, and cranberries.

You can order this in 2 sizes depending on how many people you intend to feed:

  • 6″- $39.95 feeds 6-8 ppl 
  • 12″- $69.95 feeds 12-15 ppl

Bûche Coco Amande Chocolate

This is comprised of a dark chocolate almond mousse studded with caramelized almond pieces surrounding a middle of a coconut cream, pineapple curd and toasted coconut sablé with a chocolate coconut brownie base. The bûche is covered in a coconut chocolate glaze with glittery gold glaze stripes, white chocolate bark, caramelized almonds, white and dark chocolate crispearls, coconut shavings and dark chocolate curls and endplates.

If you love almonds, this is the cake for you.

You can order this in 2 sizes depending on how many people you intend to feed:

  • 6″- $39.95 feeds 6-8 ppl 
  • 12″- $69.95 feeds 12-15 ppl

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something unique and festive this year to take to holiday get togethers, check out Ganache Patisserie for their Bûches de Noël.

You can now pre-order and available in-store starting Sunday December 8th, 2018. They advise to order in advanced for pick ups between Dec 20th and 24th as holiday hours will be in affect afterwards.

If you want something smaller, don’t forget about their smaller cakes made just for the Fall and Winter.

1262 Homer St, Vancouver, BC


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