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Diana Chan November 20, 2015 British Columbia


Personal Chef – Dimitri Georges of Gaea Foods offered up his services for one night to show a few foodies what he offers his clients. We had a dinner party at Sherman’s house to see how the experience would be. I always eat out and rarely considered having a chef come into your home to cook, it was an interesting experience.

Dimitri was born in Aix-en-Provence, France, in a family of talented cooks. From an early age, he decided to work in the Hospitality industry. Dimitri graduated from the Art institute of Vancouver. Having worked in many styles of restaurants offering different cuisines, as well as traveling to India and Nepal (and many more), he has a wide range of cuisines under his belt.

His casual dinner party service includes:

  • Custom menu design
  • Food costs
  • Grocery shopping
  • Preparation and cooking
  • Service
  • Kitchen clean-up
  • 3 – 6  courses

The price varies upon the request, but Dimitri will work with you to see if there are any dietary restrictions and other requests.


Our meal started off with an eggplant with mint pesto and cashew cream. This Hors D’oeuve was a quick bite and can be gobbled up with just one bite. You have the eggplant roasted on the bottom as a base with the other ingredients sitting about it. Good flavours, but I would have liked a bit more crunch to the item. The sunflower seed was a good touch but perhaps he could have made the eggplant like a chip.


Foamy garden pea soup with basil and avocado cream. Don’t you love Sherman’s Chinese bowls for the soup? The soup was good, but I felt like it needed a bit more depth of flavour.


Garden arugula salad with red grapes, cherry tomatoes, and roasted pistachios. It felt a bit basic coming from the chef as I thought there could have been more technical skill putting a salad together. Either way, it was good and fresh.


Salmon tartare on a bed of lentils du poy topped with fresh micro greens. I thought the dish was good and tasty. A good change from eating out as it was clean and light.


Mini pumpkin tart was a two bite dessert and pretty delicious. Nice crunchy shell and the overall dessert wasn’t too sweet.


The tart is served with a Chaga hot chocolate. It was quite rich and thick. Definitely one of the heavier items in the meal.

Overall, it was a nice change having a personal chef come and plan a dinner party for us. What I found with Dimitri’s style of cooking was healthy, raw, and very clean tasting. Nothing in the meal was greasy. For a person that always eats out, it was a nice change. Dimitri was able to explain to us all the dishes, but was lacking a bit of that entertainment factor for a dinner party. Definitely a bit shy, but not necessarily a bad thing. Depends what your style is.


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