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Diana Chan November 9, 2017 British Columbia, product

Fuud is a meal kit delivery service that provides fresh, locally-sourced ingredients with weekly delicious recipes from local chefs in Vancouver, Canada. They have 3 types of meal plans to choose from – Omnivore, Vegetarian and Gluten-free.

These days, I love cooking more and more since I want to try to be a bit healthier and knowing what are the things that go into the dish. I essentially work 2 jobs, so finding the time to figure out what I can make for dinner can be a challenge on the super busy weeks. I gave Fuud a try for a week creating 3 of their dishes from the Omnivore meal plan. I picked all 3 meals online a week in advance and when it arrived, they texted me that it was on my doorstep with a message and photo. Since I wasn’t home, I made my husband bring it into the house when he got back home.

3 boxes of ingredients were delivered with the corresponding recipe cards.

Cod Tacos with Lime Crema

This taco was more like a burrito. Massive and didn’t function well as a taco. I would have preferred smaller tortilla shells.

Miso and Honey Roasted Chicken 

This dish was pretty cook and I never would have thought to cook a cauliflower in slices rather then roast the florets. The miso honey butter on the chicken was a good idea too.

Wild Salmon Confit with Cream Sauce

This was my favourite dish of the 3. Easy to make and pretty addictive.

Final Thoughts

All 3 recipes were relatively easy to make and I can reuse the technique to make any dishes of my own in the future. Price per servings range from $10.45 to $12.95, which is OK. By using Fuud, you know what is in your meal and you have pride that you made it yourself. I liked this for the week since I didn’t have to worry if I had enough ingredients to make a meal. Just grab a box and follow the instructions.


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