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Fujiya is a japanese grocery store located on Clark. This little store is basically in the middle of nowhere but they have different types of Japanese cooking ingredients, sushi, bento boxes, and snacks in the store.

When you walk in theres so many things to take a look at aisles and aisles of yummy food.

Looking at the back of the store, they have tons of sushi and bento boxes! They are ready to go and really cheap and delicious. For about $5 per box, thats not bad at all.

If you are a big fan of tataki, they have tuna tataki! For just $5,its a steal!

They also have fresh seafood for sale!

They also have really nice marbled beef.

They have everything from dashi, bonito, and loads of green tea!

You can’t get anymore Japanese than Natto beans….Chinese people have their Durian and Japanese have their Natto beans.

Noodles! I love noodles! They had TONS of noodles!!!

Fujiya also had a bunch of sauces and dressings.

They have a variety of foreign chips!


Words of Wisdom:

  • Sushi and bento boxes are cheap! ~$5
  • They have almost every Japanese items you many need
  • Some snacks are over priced

Looking for the Japanese Superstore filled with Japanese foods? Go to Fujiya and you will just die of excitement!

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