Diana Chan March 9, 2011 Downtown, Three Beakers

I saw Freshii on Twitter and it sounded like a nice healthy and fresh place to eat at for lunch. They offer freshly made salads, noodles, wraps, burritos, soups and even breakfast. They have a very simple and clean look on the exterior and interior. During lunch time it was pretty busy, some people ate in, some people did take out.

At first I was very confused how to order, lots of different options! You start by picking up a clip board in the middle of the room and jot down your name and what to order. You can either choose any of the specialty items, or you can customize your own.

I found the configuration on the room to be quite confusing, you would have to fill in your paper, go to the back of the restaurant to give them your paper, go to another counter, pay and then wait for your name to be called to get your food. I didn’t really want to waste paper, so perhaps next time, I will do online ordering.

Since I don’t like to think for myself sometimes, I decided to create a chef selected salads. You do have the option of making your own salad, but I was feeling not too picky.

I ordered the Freshii Cobb Salad ($9.89). For that price, you do get quite a big salad! Definitely worth the price. In this salad, there was mixed greens, romaine, roasted chicken, avocado,  smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, sweet corn, blue cheese, and topped with dijon mustard dressing.

The ingredients tasted fresh and the combination worked well together except for the blue cheese. I thought I would be adventurous today, but nope still don’t like blue cheese. It really has a pungent sharp taste which really disgusts me. If you don’t like blue cheese, try asking them to replace it with some other cheese or get another type of salad.

You are able to choose the amount of dressing you want on your salad, I went with regular but still felt there was a bit too much. Next time, I will choose the 1/2 amount of dressing. It’s really up to personal preferences.

Word of Wisdom:

  • Online Ordering form
  • Fresh customizable salads
  • Most items under $10
  • To go or eat in

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870 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC


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