Freshbowl: South-East Asian Cuisine in Vancouver

Diana Chan March 8, 2019 Chinese, Gastown

Freshbowl is a family run restaurant with 2 stores in Vancouver. They focus on healthy South East Asian cuisine and put their twist on it so its non-GMO, hormone & antibiotic free, and MSG free. FreshBowl also has vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic and natural options available on the menu for those with dietary restrictions.

They also strive to be more green by using a lot of compostable materials to keep waste away from landfills.

I’ve passed by many times before and I always assumed it was a salad bar due to it’s look, but there is nothing but South East Asian cuisine here.


You order up at the counter and then find a seat to sit at if you’re dining in.

The space isn’t too large, but there are still a decent amount of seats inside for small groups. You can have larger groups here if you come early enough to snag the tables.


Thai Iced Tea

A classic drink full of flavour and very popular among customers. It tastes very good and has strong bold flavours of the tea. It’s not too sweet compared to other places in town and has a creamy texture because of the milk.

Hibiscus Tea

The hibiscus tea has floral notes, good strong flavour, and a touch of sweetness.

Chicken Laska

You can build your laksa how you want based on the different options on the menu. It was very yummy and tasty, plus the noodles were nice and soft in texture. The laksa is served with veggies including kale, beansprouts, some red cabbage, cucumbers and carrot.

The chicken in this dish are small bite size pieces and is tender, beautifully presented. Can’t go wrong with that laksa broth either. This bowl was devoured quickly and it’s not too large.

Prawn Pad Thai

They use fresh tamarind in the dish and it really shows to build up the flavours. It tasted good but the noodles were broken for some reason. There could have been a touch more acidity in the dish. They also don’t use fish sauce as it’s hard to find one that is preservative free. The prawns are also OceanWise certified.


Eat this when it comes out fresh so the roti stays very crisp. It is made in house with the banana and Nutella filling. There’s not a lot of filling but the flavours are there. It has a good level of sweetness and can be a shared dessert for those who just want a taste.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good option in the area as there aren’t a lot of healthy South East Asian restaurants options around in the area. If you’re looking for something healthy, definitely check out Freshbowl.

1128 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC


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