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Diana Chan November 7, 2010 Downtown, Seafood, Streetcart, Three Beakers

Fresh Local Wild is a new food cart that opened up a few months ago in Downtown on Granville and Robson. I am a big fan of seafood and if it is Ocean Wise, that is a big plus! Their name basically sums up the types of seafood that they serve….fresh….local…and wild.

The men of Fresh Local Wild are really amazing guys and very approachable. Since it was raining, I didn’t want to walk elsewhere to eat, so I stood there like a loner eating, but these guys were very talkative and kept me company!

Their menu is simple and has the freshest and sustainable ingredients in their menu items. The items are quite expensive, but that the price you pay for sustainable ingredients…it doesn’t come cheap.

I ordered the Fried Oyster Po Boy ($10) sandwich with a soda ($2) and poutine ($3). They have a small selection of soda at the store, Lemon Lime and another flavour that changes daily. I decided to have the Lemon Lime soda and it was very flavorful and reminded me of sprite but with more lime flavour. This is something you should try.

The fried oyster Po Boy was very fresh and the oysters had so much flavour! One thing I really didn’t like about the sandwich was how it fell apart very easily. The tartar sauce and coleslaw filling inside was spewing out every time I took a bite. Maybe next time they should have less sauce. I really really enjoyed the taste of the fried oysters…perhaps one day they will make skewers of fried oysters (drools…)

The Quadra Isle Chanterelle Mushroom Poutine was overall pretty well executed. The fries were firm and slightly crunchy. Topped off with the Chanterelle mushrooms, cheese, green onions, and gravy.

To get customers to leave a mark at Fresh Local Wild, they have several markers for you to draw all over their cart. I was looking around for a spot to leave my mark and I found fellow blogger and SFU alumni Nicolb! It seemed right to leave my mark beside hers.

My experience at Fresh Local Wild was positive. After looking at a few other blogs, there seems to be a few negative reviews when they first started up their business.  It seems like Josh, Andy and their crew have made improvements to their menu to keep their customers satisfied. It can only get better from here.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Follow them on twitter @freshlocalwild to see if their hours change
  • If you are an oyster lover like myself, get the Fried Oyster Po Boy
  • Don’t forget to chat with the guys because they are super friendly

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