Frenchies 50s Diner: Montreal Smoked Meat of Disappointment

Diana Chan September 23, 2011 Downtown, Sandwich, Two Beakers

I always by this place when  I walk to Stadium Skytrain. I always look inside and drool at the montreal smoked meat, but never had a chance to go inside. This week, I thought I would go since I was a hungry girl needing some lunch. Frenchies focuses on French-Canadian like montreal smoked meat and poutine.

You really can’t get anymore Canadian than this. There are so many warning signs outside saying this place is addictive.

The interior is set to a 50s diner theme. Pretty cool since there’s not that many around.

The interior has a few seats, not the best for large groups since seats are in 4s and 2s. They have a few old hockey photos on the walls too.

Trio smoked meat (~$15) comes with 5oz montreal smoked meat sandwich with fries and pop. I found this to be quite expensive especially for lunch. If i’m paying $15 for lunch, it better be damn good.

Looking at the cross section, the amount of meat was quite decent. The bread was sourdough and it had mustard. The meat was nice and delicate.

Even though this picture is nice, it’s not a great representation of the sandwich!

All the meat was bunched up in the center and very little was on the edges. I felt lied to!! It really did not feel like 5oz of meat. The edges of the sandwich were basically empty. The only good bite was the first bite in the center.

The fries that came with this was pretty good. Nice and crispy on the outside. I love crispy fries!

I was pretty disappointed, it was expensive and not worth the price at all! There are so many better restaurants in the area that would even be cheaper. I would not visit again.

 Words of Wisdom:

  • Around $15 for lunch
  • expensive for what you get
  • Mediocre service

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425 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC

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