Score Free Food on Your Birthday in Vancouver

Diana Chan December 9, 2012 Coquitlam, Food for Thought

On my birthday, I decided to try to get as much free food as possible without going crazy. I browsed through an e-book on how to get free stuff in Vancouver. There are tips on how to get other freebies in Canada too. It’s very thorough but some items are a bit outdated, so you need to double check if they still have those offers.

My first stop was Vera’s. If you are subscribed for their Vera’s Club membership, you get a $10 gift certificate on your birthday. I signed up a few hours before I left the house and I still got the discount.

I got the Canuck Burger that was just under $10. It is their classic bacon cheese burger. I got it to-go, but it got a bit soggy by the time I get home.

Present your registered Starbucks card and you get a free beverage of any size. I ordered a Venti Cappuccino.

At Denny’s you can just flash your ID and you get a FREE Grand Slam Breakfast. The Grand Slam is customizable, so I chose sausages, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes.

It’s not meant for to-go, but they were really nice and let me. I chose to-go because I didn’t want to eat alone. #FirstWorldProblems.

At the end of the day, my parents got me cake too. This wasn’t free, but it’s a cute cake from Anna’s Bakery.

I’d say it was a good day for free food. Might as well right?
What free food items did you get on your birthday?

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