f’real: Milkshakes and Smoothies at the Gas Station

Diana Chan January 28, 2015 product


Where do my food adventures take me? Apparently to a convenience store at Shell Gas Station in Burnaby.

Our friend told us about these amazing milkshakes he found at the gas station. At first we didn’t believe him. There’s no way a gas station would be able to have the capabilities of making milkshakes. Apparently, we were wrong.

f’real makes these do-it-yourself milkshakes, smoothies and frozen cappuccino machines for convenience stores, colleges & universities, theatres, and military bases.


Chocolate Milkshake was not bad at all. You put the container into this contraption in the store and it will whip it for you. You can have the texture – regular, extra thick, or less thick. We went with the less thick option. All the Canadian f’real milkshakes use Chapman’s Ice cream.

M did enjoy it. I can see it being quite popular in the Summer time. They also have a bunch of other flavours too like strawberry, cookies n cream, vanilla etc.


Strawberry Banana Smoothie was really bad. They say it contains all natural fruit, but all the ingredients are purees and a million types of sugars. It tasted pretty artificial even though at some point, those fruits were real.

Skip the smoothies and stick with the milkshakes.


If you’re desperate for a milkshake, you can always stop by the gas station.


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  1. Guest March 2, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    They used to have a chocolate fudge flavour which was pretty good. Can’t find them anymore.

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