Four by Brother Luck in Colorado Springs: Review

Diana Chan January 13, 2018 Colorado, Three Beakers

Last Fall, I was visiting Colorado Springs and all the locals were raving about Four by Brother Luck and how he will be in Top Chef. He is no stranger to the culinary scene as he appreared on Beat Bobby Flay and won. Also he and appeared on Chopped. His restaurant – Four by Brother Luck focuses on the four providers behind his cooking – hunters, fisherman, farmer and gatherers.


The interior is pretty casual with lots of tables around the restaurant. We came here pretty late into the evening so it wasn’t too busy.


The menu is split up into 4 sections to to show the four regions that has been influenced by Western European, Spanish Colonial, Native American and Latin American cuisine. You can order the tasting menu by choosing 4 courses. You can stick to a section or pick and choose from each section.

Popcorn with Pork Fat

As we waited for our dishes to arrive, some popcorn arrived for us to nibble on. It was cooked in fat and covered in some spices.

Broccoli Rabe Toast

For the starter, we chose the broccoli Rabe Toast which has mozzarella, pimento cheese, and garlic toast. This was ok, but I left the garlic toast took over this dish.

Charred Octopus

The charred octopus was delicious and was very tender. It is served with soy caramel, squid ink and kalamata. One of my favourite items.

Game Hen

This dish is gluten-free and it has apples, salsify, sunchokes, carrots and sorrels. The game hen was well seasoned and the root vegetables were enjoyable.


The beignets is served with whipped milk, orange sugar, and espresso syrup. A sweet treat to end the night. Since it was my birthday, they added a candle in the centre.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the thought this restaurant was ok.It was one of the “fancier” restaurants in Colorado Springs, but none of the dishes stood out in particular.

We Rate Four by Brother Luck

321 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO


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