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Diana Chan January 3, 2019 Chinese, Richmond

Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine is a newer restaurant near the Olympic Oval in Richmond. I heard good things about this place, so, for my birthday, we decided to come here for dinner. It’s usually more popular for dim sum as they have some pretty unique items on the menu, but has a reputation for being very expensive.

We made reservations for dinner just in case it was busy as their dim sum rush is pretty crazy. As we arrived on the weekend for dinner, it wasn’t very busy at all. Maybe it was because it was raining.


The interior is very bright, full of red colour and surrounded by LED screens that play very scenic videos on repeat. Even the lights above have little koi on them.


Tea arrives on the table and you can choose among the more common teas at most Chinese restaurants. You also get another tea pot filled with water on a boiler if you want water or if you want to add more water to your other tea pot later on.

Complimentary Peanuts

You get some salted peanuts on the table before your meal arrives so you can pick at it.

Assorted Cold Platter

The assorted cold platter has BBQ Pork, Jelly Fish, duck, and pork hock. The items were delicious and devoured quickly.

Of the 4 items, the duck was our favourite as the fat was rendered out nicely and had a good taste and texture.


We ordered soup with our meal and it comes in a big bowl and what they do is individually scoop it out for each person at the table so they get their individual portion.

They also scoop out the other items in the soup like the meats, aromatics, and whatever else in a separate bowl so you can enjoy it as well. The broth was delicious and had quite a bit of depth. I enjoyed it.

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

The crispy roasted pork belly was OK. The skin was crispy but each order is pretty small for what you pay for as it was around $25. I could buy a lot of pork belly elsewhere in town.

Stir-fry Chinese Pea Shoots in Garlic

You gotta have one veggie dish at a Chinese restaurant right? They had pea shoots today so we ordered that and it was cooked with garlic as usual. Pretty standard.

Pan Fried Scallops & Sea Cucumber Muscle with Pine Mushrooms

This is served up in these fried edible baskets. It was decent but we found the baskets got very soggy in a short amount of time that it didn’t really hold. The seafood itself was well cooked and delicious.

Truffle Chicken

Truffle Chicken is one of their specialties at Fortune Terrace. It is surprisingly good and almost everyone orders this when they come here for dinner. It is nicely cooked, but it does come with bones, so some pieces are harder to eat than others.

Scallop and Dried Scallop Fried Rice

This dish was shaped like a fish and topped with tobiko. You can even see the beans for eyes too. It’s was a decent fried rice but nothing stood out too much. They will also scoop this out into individual bowls for each guest too.

Complimentary Fruit

At the end of the meal, fruit comes to the table and it can be shaped like an animal for luck. This one was shaped like a fish I think with watermelon, honey dew and cantaloupe.

Complimentary Red Bean Soup

Next, was the red bean soup, which is very standard for dessert at Chinese restaurants. It seemed liked they used the Japanese Azuki beans to make this. It wasn’t too sweet and good enough. Not my personal favourite dessert since it’s so common.

Complimentary Birthday Buns

As we were celebrating my birthday, birthday buns arrived. It’s kinda a tradition and it’s good they provide these too. It’s freshly steamed and not too large. It is filled with lotus paste inside. After having 3 desserts essentially, we were pretty full by this point.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a lot of complimentary items arrived at the table, but the whole meal was still quite pricey. You get some good food and service, but it is more high end and expensive.

6200 River Rd #130, Richmond, BC

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