Fortune Palace: Dim Sum in Macau

Diana Chan October 15, 2012 Macau

Pousada Marina Infante Hotel has a restaurant called Fortune Palace. It is a popular place to have Dim Sum in a large banquet setting. It’s been here for a very long time and attracts many locals.

The interior is a bit outdated, but people come here for the food.

Chicken Ginseng Soup

You can take the chicken out and eat it separately.

The soup that is left behind is very flavourful!

Sautéed Lettuce

Steamed Rice Noodles and Spare ribs

Braised Octopus

Steamed Meatballs

Sauteed Tripe

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Dumplings)

Steamed shrimp and scallops over zucchini

Sweet Shredded Coconut Roll Dessert

After lunch we headed to the Ruins of the Church of St Paul to see the iconic sight. The Church burned down in 1835 and all that was left was this wall.

Fortaleza do Monte is a short uphill walk from the Ruins of St. Pauls Church and you can get a great view of the entire city.

As for Fortune Palace, the food quality was OK. Nothing too special. I probably wouldn’t come to the restaurant again. The views of the city totally made up for the unimpressive food.

Aterro Cotal, Marina da Taipa Sul, Taipa Cotai, Macau


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