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Diana Chan October 3, 2010 Chinese, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Fortune House Seafood restaurant always has long line-ups during the weekends during the afternoon. Even if you have a reservation, you have to wait a bit. I guess this is typical of popular dim sum locations.

The interior décor is really nice but it can get a bit noisy with all the people in the restaurant. Flagging down servers is a bit hard too, so most of the time we had to refill our own teapots since we sat right by the area where they keep the hot water.

The setting was ok, but just make sure all your items are clean. Sometimes they are not.

Steamed shrimp and pea tip dumplings were good since I really love shrimp.

Chilled mango pudding is the cutest dish! it comes in a shape of a fish. Even though it looks good, the taste was just alright.

Chilled sweetened black sesame flour rolls brings me back to the days when me and my sister would call them “film” because it resembled film rolls your put in the camera. The days before digital cameras. One thing we really didn’t like from this was that when you unravel the film, it was a bit thick.

Egg tarts were every flakey, you can tell they used a lot of butter.

Steamed Prawn Rice Rolls. Hey it’s shrimp again! Yummy! The beef rice roll is pretty good too.

Steamed BBQ pork Buns

Steamed pork, shrimp and mushroom dumping also known as Sui Mai. I didn’t like this one compared to other places because it seemed very oily.

Steamed Chinese doughnut rice rolls are always my favorite! it comes with peanut sauce and Sweet Soy Sauce.

BBQ Pork Pinapple Buns are always so cool to eat. It looks like a normal pineapple bun but hidden inside is pork.

Radish cake

Steamed cake (Ma lai go)

Sticky Rice

Pot Noodle of Yong Chow ( I think…at least thats what my mother tells me). This dish was unique, I like the texture of the noodles.

Stir Fry Beef Rice Noodle. It was good but i felt the slices of beef were very uneven. I got this HUGE piece and my sister got a small piece.

Overall,  12 of us were satisfied with the meal. I am not exactly sure how much each item is or what the total bill came out to be because as asians we like to fight over the bill. I know for sure it was more than $100. From past experience it was about 5 or 7 per dish depending if they count it as a small dim sum dish, or Medium or large. It usually says it on the menu.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Make reservations if going for Dim Sum
  • If you can’t read Chinese, there is an english menu
  • Lots of parking, closest parking is to park near Urban Behaviour/Zara area.

Fortune House Seafood is a very popular Dim Sum restaurant to go to but it can get really really busy. Make reservations ahead of time.

The price is a bit expensive compared to other chinese restaurants in Vancouver. I think it’s really popular due to the location since it is in Metrotown.

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