Fortune House Seafood Restaurant: Most Rude Service!

Diana Chan November 14, 2011 Chinese, Dim Sum, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

BusanGirl really wanted some Dim Sum, so I took her to Fortune House Seafood since it’s in Metrotown. I’ve been there before and I’ve never had any problems here. This visit was quite different and I was pretty annoyed by the horrible service they gave us.

We arrived just in time for last call at 2:30pm since they close their lunch service at 3pm. The hostess was quite rude and told us to order what we wanted as we waited for our table. We shrugged it off since it was a very busy day for them.

When we arrived at the table, we gave the server our order right away. The dim sum took a long time to arrive and the manager kept pressuring us to pay before our orders even arrived. He didn’t say anything, but he kept opening the  little receipt folder to check if we paid it. Just to keep things interesting, we did not pay till the end of our meal. He kept making gestures to make us pay faster before we finished our meal.

They even started rearranging their table set up during the lunch service to prepare for their dinner service. A majority of the diners were still eating and seeing the servers move walls and tables around were super distracting. We heard the managers apologizing to other tables but when they approached our table, they told us to pay the bill. Rude much?

Tea ($1/per head) is charged on your bill without them informing you. They have a good selection of tea as well. If you are really really against paying the tea fee, I’ve heard you can just argue with the manager to remove it. I’ve never paid the tea fee when I go with my family…but this time I was charged. We were kinda mad, but just let it go.

Jumbo Shrimp Dumplings ($5.75) were quite large and tasted good. What I like to do is ask them for some hot sauce since I like a little heat.

 Fried Mixed Meat Dumpling ($4.25) is not as big as other places I’ve been too. The sticky dumpling skin is not as thick as other places. Also, their filling is very little compared to other places too. What BusanGirl liked about this was that there was little “meat smell”, which she liked.

Steamed Beef Rice Roll ($5.25) is one of the classic items to get. It has nice minced beef in the middle wrapped with a rice roll with soy sauce on top.

Deep Fried Squid ($7.50) made me quite disappointed. For the price, it was small and lacked flavour. It also looked unappetizing too. It tasted alright, but needed some more salt.

Fortune House Seafood is a very popular Dim Sum restaurant to go to but it can get really really busy and LOUD. Make reservations ahead of time.The price is a bit expensive compared to other chinese restaurants in Vancouver. I think it’s really popular due to the location since it is in Metrotown.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Make reservations if going for Dim Sum
  • If you can’t read Chinese, there is an english menu
  • Lots of parking, closest parking is to park near Urban Behaviour/Zara area.
  • Pretty expensive compared to other places
  • Rude and rushed service
  • Avoid going near 2pm

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