Fortune House: Dim Sum time with lots of shrimp

Diana Chan March 22, 2011 Brunch, Chinese, Three Beakers

My aunt came and visited for the past weekend and as per usual, when relatives arrive we must go have dim sum. My mother really likes Fortune House at Metropolis and I really don’t mind as long as there is shrimp.

I’ve done a review here before but a few things have changed. They have a built in speaker system in the waiting area, so when you are outside waiting for your number to be called, you can hear it from outside.

At first I didn’t anticipate any loud PA noises, so when they called another family, I automatically flinched in fear.

While we were waiting, my aunt asked me what I wanted to order, so we picked up a menu and I pointed out all the items that had shrimp in it. To my surprise…she would actually order all those items. This is how this dim sum became packed full of shrimp!

On the table, they give you an explanation of how the dim sum works at Fortune House.

As per usual, SuiMai ($3.95) must be ordered.

Shrimp and Chive dumpling ($4.95)

Jumbo Har Gau ($5.45), it’s basically like the shrimp and chive dumpling, but with no chives.

Spare Ribs ($3.95)

Shanghai Pork Dumplings ($3.95). There were not that great since we had so many other dishes that it was left for about 10 minutes. It’s best to eat this right away or else it won’t tast very good..or hot.

Shrimp Bean Curd Roll ($3.95)

Fish and preserved egg congee ($6.95)

Prawn Rice roll ($5.45)

Donut rice roll ($4.95). We really did not like this dish. usually the donut it decently crispy but today it really wasn’t at all.

Deep Fried Wontons ($4.95)

Shark Fin Dumpling ($5.45)

Black sesame Rolls ($2.95). What I LOVE to do with these are to unravel them and eat them like fruit roll up. When I was a kid, we use to call these “film” because it reminded us of the film you would put into the cameras. Eating it the way we eat it is probably the most ugly thing you will ever see. Probably very improper as well.

Mango pudding ($2.95). This is probably the cutest thing they have on their menu. Great for kids! My little sister loved it so much that she gobbled it up without sharing.

That was a lot of their shrimp dishes. Beware, if you eat dim sum with me, there will be shrimp. hahaha. =D

Words of Wisdom:

  • Make reservations if going for Dim Sum
  • If you can’t read Chinese, there is an english menu
  • Lots of parking, closest parking is to park near Urban Behaviour/Zara area.

Fortune House Seafood is a very popular Dim Sum restaurant to go to but it can get really really busy and LOUD. Make reservations ahead of time.

The price is a bit expensive compared to other chinese restaurants in Vancouver. I think it’s really popular due to the location since it is in Metrotown.

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