Forêt Noire Pâtisserie: Now Open in Vancouver

Diana Chan December 21, 2018 Cafe, Dessert, Fairview

There is a new French bakery on West Broadway close to City Hall – Forêt Noire Pâtisserie. They just opened a a few weeks ago serving up delicious treats like croissants, macarons, chocolates, cakes, and beverages. They have a few other items planned on their menu like sandwiches to cater to different times during the day.


The space is about 2,000 square feet with some seats inside and outside on their patio.

They can’t fit many large groups from the tables observed as most of them seem to be tables of 2.


On the menu, they have a variety of hot and cold beverages – teas, coffees, and other non-caffeinated drinks.

Spiced Hot Chocolate

They have a spiced hot chocolate served with a whole cinnamon stick. A nice way to enjoy an aromatic hot chocolate that isn’t too sweet or bitter.


I went with a latte to go with the pastries. A good ratio of espresso and milk.

Cheese Croissant

This croissant is crisp and butter on the outside and the inside is stuffed with feta, ricotta with fresh herbs and lemon. It was good to have more of a savoury item as it was around noon.

Apricot Danish Puff Pastry

The puff pastry is crisp and buttery with the apricot and creme in the centre. Pretty good item for texture and sweetness.

Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc has made of muscovado sablé breton, mascarpone rum cream, yuzu compote, chestnut cream, coconut meringue, and a marron glacé.

An interesting flavour combination with the yuzu incorporated into it, but it balanced out the other ingredients to keep it a tad light.


This has pâte à choux, hazelnut mousseline cream, homemade praliné and hazelnut craquelins.

This classic item was good with all the different textures. It is a bit sweet on its own, but when paired with a latte, it’s not as noticeable.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good addition to the City Hall area where you can get pastries, coffee and hang out with a friend. There are a lot of options on their menu too which is nice.

Convenient to get to and there is metered street parking around.

 236 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC


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