Foodwares Market: Inside Granville Skytrain

Diana Chan February 23, 2013 Canadian, Downtown, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Foodwares market

At the Granville entrance to the Granville Skytrain is a restaurant called Food Wares Market, where they sell fresh paninis, baked goods, desserts, sushi, soup, coffee, premade salads and sandwiches.

Foodwares market

If you work downtown, its a quick lunch thats around $10 and tastes good.

Foodwares market

When you walk up to the entrance, you can see all their delectable treats. I was so temped to get a bunch of desserts for lunch, but I knew I just wanted a sandwich.

Foodwares market

There’s prepackaged salads, sandwiches and salads in the coolers, but It wasn’t for me. I wasn’t in the mood for something cold. The weather outside was cold enough. hahaha.

Foodwares market


Foodwares market

I settled on getting a panini. It seemed quite popular and people were lining up for them.

Duo ($10.75) choice of panini served with a choice of baby greens salad or daily soup. This looked like the right choice for lunch.

Foodwares market

There’s a good variety of panini types and it was calling for me. You can also choose whatever bread you want for your panini. A little bit of everything to satisfy all dietary restrictions…unless you can’t have gluten.

Foodwares market

Aged Canadian Beef Brisket, topped with Canadian brie, grilled mushrooms, braised spinach and grainy mustard in olive bread.

I liked it, the creamy brie and the beef worked well together. The panini was toasted really well.

Foodwares market

Corn Chicken Chowder was amazing! It had a good amount of corn and chicken, plus they add a hint of spices that give this chowder a nice spicy kick.

Overall, I enjoyed the lunch experience here and I would return for a quick lunch. I wish they had more hot food items, but I guess a sandwich and soup will do.

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  1. Cookie February 26, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    The desserts are expensive and less delicate. They are huge and chunky. Does not good on the eyes. A cupcake is $3.75 and can not compare with the Cupcake girl cakes.

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