Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos: Review

Diana Chan March 15, 2019 product

Flamin’ Hot Doritos has finally made its way up to Canada at most major grocery stores. This takes the Doritos that we know and love with an extra added kick of Flamin’ Hot seasoning. We know this flavour all too well from Flamin’ Hot Cheetos but now it’s crossing over to other chip brands.

I went to Shopper Drug Mart and spotted this 230g regular sized bag. They also have smaller snack sizes too.

The Doritos chip has a darker red colour from the Flamin’ Hot seasoning. When you combine that taste with the nacho cheese flavour of Doritos, it’s an interesting combination. I love both these flavours but when you combine them together, you pause a little bit in flavour confusion. It has a good kick of heat that isn’t too over powering. The taste was ok, but it wasn’t something we would run immediately back to the store to get again.

I have a secret love for the classic Doritos. It wasn’t a hit for us with the Flamin’ Hot, but perhaps you’ll enjoy the combination of Flamin’ Hot and Nacho Cheese flavours.


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  1. Shawn April 16, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    The dumbest f****** commercial I’ve ever seen whoever designed this commercial should be shot in the face and then pissed on and then not buried and burned

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