Finest At Sea: Food Cart in Downtown Vancouver

Diana Chan October 11, 2012 Downtown, Food Carts, Streetcart, Three Beakers

Finest At Sea is a provider of 100% wild seafood caught off the West Coast of BC by their own fishermen. They even have their own food cart on Robson Street by the Art Gallery. I came here for lunch with @GoodEat and @EatingWithKirby as we had a craving for some food carts before they close for the Winter.

Their menu is all under $10!

Roasted Halibut Bisque ($5) is homemade soup served with aioli and croutons. I liked the soup, it had a good depth of flavour and there were large chunks of halibut.

Local Albacore Tuna Steak ($8.50) has flash seared fillet with marinated seaweed, wasabi mayo, and micro greens.

Local Albacore Tuna ‘Japanese Style’ Wrap ($5.50) has seaweed seeds, green onions, organic greens, and housemade Indian Lime Pickle Yogurt. The wrap tasted ok, but nothing too special.

Overall, the prices of Finest At Sea Food Cart are very reasonable and cheaper compared to other food carts in the area. The food here is average

We Rate Finest At Sea:

Robson Street & Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC


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