Felico’s: The Greek Restaurant in Richmond

Diana Chan April 5, 2011 Greek, Richmond, Three Beakers

It was divaD’s 22nd Birthday and he held his birthday at Felico’s! The name Felico’s rang a bell but I really couldn’t point my finger where I heard of it before. After Googling the name of the restaurant, it is the really posh looking Greek restaurant near Parker Place. Every time I pass by, I point at it and tell someone I want to go there, but I keep forgetting about it. Today was the day I would FINALLY get to try it out.

The interior is very nice and you can even reserve private areas for parties. They have a lot of space and many many tables. It’s a really large restaurant.

The menu may seem a bit expensive at first glance but you can find some decent dishes between $14 to $18.

The bread is just toasted pita bread with butter.

TaiwaneseGirl and KoreanBoy ordered the Kalamaria ($14.95). It has  deep-fried squid served with satziki, roast potatoes, rice, and greek salad.

M ordered the Chicken Parmesan ($15.95). It has breaded chicken breast baked in tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, served with linguine noodles and seasonal vegetables

Jojocake ordered the Chicken Linguine ($15.95). There are pieces of chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, parmesan cheese and you get to choose what type of sauce you want on it. She chose the creamy pesto sauce to go with it.

She loved the sauce, but the chicken was really really dry.

KoreanGirl ordered the Seafood Linguine ($17.95). It has salmon, halibut, prawns, scallops, onion, and fresh mushrooms. Just like JojoCake, she also ordered the creamy pesto sauce.

She ALSO had the same problem with her scallops… dry dry dry. They sauce was still enjoyable.

I ordered the Combination Plate ($18.95). It comes with kalamaria, dolmades, keftedes, spanakopita, homous, satziki, and greek salad. I ordered this because I really wanted to try all the different things on the menu.

I liked the kalamaria and the spanakopita. I was not a fan of the dolmades. Dolmades are Grape vine leaves stuffed with rice and and ground sirloin.I have never had it before, but it reminded me of another variation of sticky rice.

The Keftedes are Ground sirloin meatballs with onion. I found the keftedes to be a bit bland. The greek salad was ok as well, I wish there was more salad dressing and more acidic tasting.

The food was pretty average and it was not spectacular. It was probably because of what we ordered. Overall, we still had a great time, divaD got some nasty tasting shots and Felico’s handled the Birthday party really nicely. Everyone’s food came almost at the exact same time. We did have to wait a little bit longer, but it was good how everyone got their dishes at the same time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free Parking in the back
  • Walkable distance from Parker Place, Lansdowne, and Aberdeen Mall

We rate Felicos:


8140 Leslie Rd
Richmond, BC

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