Huevos Dias is Fayuca’s new brunch menu

Jenn Semilla November 6, 2018 Brunch, Mexican, Yaletown

I thought Yaletown’s Hamilton street would be bustling on a weekend brunch hour. Instead, it was quiet and empty. Early morning yoga, barre and spin cyclists silently stream out of the studios after their classes. A brunch spot is needed for this area and Fayuca is stepping up!

Huevos Dias is Fayuca’s brunch menu served every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm.


Their new brunch menu features signature Mexican breakfast items such as huevos rancheros, chillaquiles and enfrijolada. It also lends Mexican flavours to typical PNW brunch fares including avocado toast and bennies.


Fayuca has a great selection of brunch cocktails, but we opted to try their non-alcoholic drinks. Jugo Verde was refreshing and tasted very healthy. It has cactus, parsley, celery, pineapple and orange. Licuado is whole milk blended with fruit and cardamom which was very tasty.

The Food


Crispy tortillas in salsa verde, two fried eggs, beans, onion, creme fraiche, avocado and feta cheese. These are breakfast nachos with an egg on top (which makes everything better)! This would be good to share with the table, to pick at as you drink and chat. Or eat it by yourself because it’s a mix of everything you love in one bowl.

Mexican Benny (Benny Mexicano)

I needed to try their take on the classic eggs benedict. Benny Mexicano features two poached eggs on crispy corn sopes with pork carnitas and hollandaise.

The corn sopes has more bite and texture than your typical english muffin, but it’s not dry because of the rich blend of hollandaise, avocado and yolk slathered on top. The toasted pumpkin seeds impart a nice nutty flavour.

It’s served with a salad with a tart dressing which help cuts through the rich flavours from the benny.

Birria “Hangover Stew”

Jalisco, Mexico is known for tequila and for birria stew. Putting these two concepts together is perfect, because this makes for a really good hangover cure.

Fayuca’s Birria is a traditional spicy brisket stew with crispy tortilla, onion, cilantro and limes. Squeeze a healthy dose of lime juice and sprinkle the crispy tortilla on top for a filling, savoury meal. This stew would be good any time of the day, especially while it’s dreary and raining.

Final Thoughts

Part of the immigrant experience is recreating your beloved foods using ingredients that are available in your new home country. Beyond the taste, food is tied closely to memories, culture and identity. Fayuca applies the same approach in their brunch menu. The food draws upon their childhood memories from Northern Mexico—the gatherings, the fun and the flavours—and expresses them through Pacific Northwest ingredients. I really love this concept and it’s so well executed.

The Yaletown restaurant strip on Hamilton is oddly devoid of early weekend brunch spots and Fayuca is filling that need. If you’re hungry after your morning exercise or if you’re rolling out of bed after a hard night out, indulging on filling and flavourful brunch at Fayuca is a solid choice.

1009 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC


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