Express Bubble Tea: Smoothies at Deep Cove

Diana Chan June 18, 2015 Bubble Tea, Cafe, Quarry Rock, Two Beakers


I’ve gotten into hiking in the last few weeks. Vancouver is just so beautiful that I need to soak up as much sun as possible before the rain comes back in the Fall. I can’t eat out all the time. I have to balance out all the eating somehow right? Deep Cove for the Quarry Rock hike is my favourite since it’s short and there’s a great view. It’s no Grouse Grind, but it will do for now.


We wanted to grab a juice or smoothie after the hike since we were thirsty and hot. Looking at the limited options at Deep Cove, we decided to check out Express Bubble Tea.


We saw that they sell fresh fruit smoothies, so we made this our stop.


They have a loyalty program, so you can see all the stamp cards on all their walls. I thought it was also weird how they were storing the fruit in the boxes on the floor.


Pineapple Strawberry smoothie ($5.49) wasn’t exactly fresh as they advertised. They did use real strawberries, but their pineapples were canned. You know, the ones that are preserved and dunked in syrup. I could taste the canned pineapple taste. It’s quite distinct to me since I hate them on pizza.

My friend ordered a Gyros Sandwich and they just microwave the meat to get it warmed up. I had a look of disgust on my face, but I felt like they were not pass a food safety test. He didn’t get sick, but it weirded me out.

My other friend got the peach and mango smoothie and requested no sugar to be added. The person at the shop didn’t listen and put in a few pumps of liquid sugar. Also, all her fruits were canned instead of the fresh fruit as advertised.

Perhaps I’ve grown to have higher standards for smoothies? I think I was just more mad that the fruit wasn’t 100% fresh for the smoothies.

We Rate Bubble Tea Express:

4377 Gallant Avenue,
North Vancouver

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