Etea Visit #2

Diana Chan March 5, 2011 Cafe, Chinese, Renfrew-Collingwood, Two Beakers

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It’s usually a late night and the friends like to go somewhere to chat and have some drinks.

They have lots of food and bubble tea drinks.

TaiwaneseGirl ordered Milk Tea with Pearls. It didn’t seem like they give much pearls with their drinks.

Koreangirl ordered the peach green tea. Yeah, no pearls means less carbs in your belly!

Yet again, I ordered Chrysanthemum Black Tea.  What I like about E. Tea is that they use real leaves to make this drink rather than just syrup. They used different cups this time. Some drinks are kinda misleading, since this drink has foam so it seems like you have more in your cup.

CanuckGirl ordered the Mango slush and M ordered the fresh mango slush. As you can tell there is such a large difference in color and appeal. CanuckGirl compared her mango drink to pineapples and was terrible. M’s drink did have more of the rich mango taste. They probably used frozen mangoes since I seriously doubt they are in season.

When selecting drinks here, it is worth is paying a few more bucks for the fresh options.

They have some super cool washroom signs. Only sexy girls and boys can enter the washrooms. And guys, if you think you want to peep into the girls washroom, you “will be slapped”.  You can really capture some hilarious photos with your friends!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Decent prices
  • Open late
  • Parking in front
  • Accepts Mastercards/Visa/Cash/Debt

We rate E. Tea: 

E. Tea is located on:

3281 East 22nd Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5M
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