Mission: SPACE at Epcot with Intense Training

Diana Chan June 17, 2016 Epcot, travel

Mission: SPACE sign featuring a rocket ship speeding past Earth outside the attraction at Epcot

Inside EPCOT, there’s not a lot of rides compared to the other Disney World Parks, but one of the interesting rides we went on was Mission: SPACE.  Seems pretty fun and FastPass+ is offered.


When you walk in, there are 2 levels of training for the cadets. You can be part of the Green Team, which is less intense and only a motion simulator ride. Or you can be part of the orange team with more intensity and uses a centrifuge to simulate speed and G forces.

I went with Team Orange for the more intense training as I don’t get motion sickness. They give you a corresponding launch ticket so the staff know where to guide you.


You and 3 others are part of a cadet crew heading to your mission to Mars in a space shuttle. Each person in your crew has a specific role to complete as a navigator, pilot, commander or engineer.

They have barf bags inside the simulator and I thought it was just one of the silly props in the simulator. Lets just say in the end of the ride, M and I felt pretty sick.

We didn’t throw up, but we did feel like we needed a break from the Summer heat and just grab a cold drink and sit for a while. For a ride that only lasts just under 4 minutes, that G-Force really hits you.


If you are prone to motion sickness or not feeling 100%, you will want to join the Green Team. Of course, I shouldn’t be scaring you out of the Orange Team. It’s fun but you might have a slight chance of motion sickness.


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