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Diana Chan January 18, 2016 British Columbia, Delivery


Enroot is a local Vancouver company providing meals on demand in a few minutes. Their lunch and dinner menus are prepared locally and are delivered within minutes. No prep, clean up or hassle on your part. Instead of ordering pizza or Chinese food, this is definitely a great alternative. The meals that they offer have great variety for their lunch and dinner meals. Enroot’s curated menu and made-from-scratch meals use only fresh ingredients available in season, including local and organic whenever possible.  Each enroot meal is priced between $7 and $12 (+tax), which is a good price range.

When they approached me to try out their service, I was a bit skeptical as no delivery service ever has been able to get me food in under 30 minutes. I got them to deliver a few meals to my office so my coworkers could experience the service too.



Simply go onto enroot’s website and with a few simple clicks you select your meal, pay with a credit card and your meal will arrive within minutes. You can do this on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Sadly, you can’t look at the menu a few days in advance unless you are putting in a large order for a group. Their menu changes daily and the next day’s menu will be posted on their website the evening prior. Their chefs are always sourcing the best ingredients and perfecting their menus every day.

Their lunch order begins at 11am, but sometimes the time can slip a bit and menus can change last minute.



Once your order is in, you will get an email with the confirmation about your order. When they are 4 minutes away, the driver will text you to meet them at the curb. You better put on your pants before meeting them or else it might get awkward. They will text you again when they arrive. I was a bit slow, so they texted me twice.

If you don’t get an email or a text, your order probably didn’t go through properly. This has happened to a few of my coworkers.



Look out for the enroot vehicle. Just walk up to the vehicle and tell them your name.

The Food


Tandoori Chicken sits on top of ginger lemongrass jasmine rice pilaf, broccollini, and pieces of bread.


Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese was everyone’s favourite. The pulled pork was tender and the meal was a good size to get you full for lunch or dinner.


Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich is all wrapped up ready for you to enjoy. Looking at the picture on the website everyone who ordered this wasn’t sure if it would be enough for lunch.


Upon opening it up, it was a great size for lunch. Lots of turkey inside for sure. Its a lot better than any sandwich I can make for lunch. Avocados were perfectly ripe.


Glazed chicken noodle salad is loaded with fresh vegetables. One of the more healthier options of the day.


They do have sides, drinks and dessert for their orders. It’s a nice way to supplement the meal if you are a large eater.

They also sell SIP Soda in 4 flavours – Lavender Lemon Peel, Corriander Orange, Rosemary Lime, and Berry Cardamom. Instead of selling soda, they serve this healthy alternative that is made of cane sugar and only 25 calories per bottle.


Fresh couscous salad was a side dish on the day we ordered.


Dark Chocolate Mousse was the dessert that day. I love chocolate mousse, so it was the perfect way to end lunch.


At the end of the meal, you can compost all your containers that came with the meal. Enroot is committed to environmentally friendly practices and is proud to use premium 100% compostable packaging and cutlery.


Some of their packaging look like plastic, but they are actually made out of corn fiber. They encourage you to help keep food waste out of the landfill by placing your food scraps, packaging and cutlery in your compost or food scraps recycling bin.

Delivery Zone


Enroot’s delivery zone varies from lunch to dinner. They have launched their service to Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant, Fairview, Cedar Cottage, Gastown and Strathcona neighbourhoods, near where their commissary kitchen is located.  They have big plans to grow this year and expand across the rest of the city.



Overall, I am pretty excited about what enroot is doing to change the on-demand food delivery model. On busy day at work, its great that they are an option for healthy food at reasonable prices. As Vancouver is notorious for rainstorms, it’s great that they can deliver in minutes so you don’t have to venture outside to find a quick lunch for take out.

The food quality is good for what it is. It’s obviously not the same as a sit down restaurant where it comes piping hot, but it is decent.

I would use their service again.


Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited enroot to try their service and my meal was comped. All thoughts are my own.

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