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Diana Chan December 27, 2016 British Columbia, Christmas, Event

Enchant is new to Vancouver this year and it is the world’s largest Christmas Light Maze, made up of over 55,000 sq. ft. of illuminated sculptures arranged to create an evening adventure.

This maze has been busy ever night this year with people pre-purchasing their tickets in advance. Those who wait till the last minute were only able to get tickets for entry after 8pm.

Christmas Light Maze

The Christmas Light Maze is more than just a maze, there is a story behind it.

After a snowstorm hits the North Pole during the night, Santa wakes up to see the town buried in snow and his reindeer missing! Without them, Santa cannot fly around the world, and Christmas would have to be cancelled.

You must go into the maze through the enchanted lights and search for the missing reindeer. You get a passport to collect stamps to show you’ve found all the reindeer.

The maze was pretty easy to navigate and there are tons of photo opportunities inside.

Since it was raining, it made enjoying the maze quite difficult. Since it was pouring so hard, we couldn’t let go of the umbrella to take better pictures. Waterproof boots, a thick jacket, and an umbrella were essential.

There were some people that went without an umbrella and they were miserable and soaked.

We successfully found Rudolph with his bright red nose and the exit. This area was very crowded as everyone is trying to get stamps and take a photo.

One area I wished was undercover was this space with dangling lights. We had to go through it without umbrellas and there was so much rain that no one was able to enjoy it.

Christmas Market + Food Trucks

Along with the maze, Enchant features a market with over 40 local vendors, 12 food trucks and a licensed eating area where guests can enjoy their favourite holiday drink.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best way to enjoy Enchant is pick a nice dry evening to attend. Since it was it’s inaugural year, it was super busy. Wise people bought tickets ahead of time, but since the weatherman can’t predict the weather to 100% certainty, you can wait to get tickets but it might be sold out if you wait too long.

In my case, I bought tickets a few days in advance and the weather said it would be snowing. Little did we know, it would be snowing everywhere else except for the downtown area.

When it comes to the price, it is a bit higher than other holiday light show around town.

299 W 1st Ave, Vancouver


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