Empanada Papa: Fresh Empanadas Delivered in Vancouver

Diana Chan December 17, 2018 British Columbia, Delivery, Spanish

Empanada Papa serves up hand made empanadas with unique flavours using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Ian, the man behind Empanada Papa delivered a bunch of savoury empanadas to the office with their sauces to give us a taste of these Spanish treats.

You can find them crafting up empanadas at Commissary Connect, which is a shared commercial kitchen between some of Vancouver’s most talented and delicious small businesses.


The size of the empanadas are good and it’s not too small. I found for myself, eating 2 was enough for lunch. If you’re a large eater, then maybe 3. They also sell salads too if you want to balance out your meal.

As all the empanadas look the same from the outside, they stamp one of it with a number and it corresponds to the flavour inside.

They offer a few different savoury varieties:

1. Papa’s Empanada: Maple pulled pork, onions and roasted red bell peppers.

2. Smith Empanada: Shredded beef, carrots, corn and celery with aromatic seasoning.

3. Tarone Empanada: ​Shredded beef, orange, onions, peas and rice are seasoned with tropical herbs and a spicy kick.

4. Celine Empanada: Sweet honey-maple-cinnamon ham and Jarlsberg cheese.

5. Abuelos Empanada: Authentic Mexican with shredded chicken, mole sauce and grilled corn and zucchini.

7. Chula Empanada: Shredded chicken, with a full bodied flavour of coconut, curry and peanuts with roasted onions.

8. Hank Empanada: Vegan friendly. Peas, beans, and broccoli with sensational seasoning.

All of them were actually really tasty. The exterior was crisp, the dough was thin, so there was a good amount of filling inside.

Of the flavours, our top favourites were Papas, Smith, Chula and Hank. This was mostly because of the combination of flavours and spices.


They have two sauces that go with the empanadas – Spicy Tomato and Sweet Mango. The sauces compliment the empanadas very well with it’s depth of flavours. Smoky Tomato was our favourite as it reminded me of a very flavourful marinara that isn’t too sweet. The mango was also good as it add a complimentary tang to the empanadas.

Where to get Empanada Papa

There are a few ways to get a hold of Empanada Papa.

You can get them catered if you have a large order and you can directly contact them with more information about your event or party.

You can get it delivered to you as they work with delivery companies like Foodee, Uber Eats, and Door Dash.

You can order for pick up for their freshly baked or frozen empanadas.

The last option is visiting select supermarkets for them like and Meinhardt.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we really enjoyed the empanadas and it’s not like everyday we have them either. It’s pretty hard to find really good ones around town. It’s great there is another option in Vancouver to get empanadas. If you are craving some empanadas, definitely give them a try.


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  1. Connie Leung December 21, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    I want to try the Hank!! Looks like a lot of filling and not oily at all!! Win win!!

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