Electric Tour Company: San Francisco Guided Segway Tours

Diana Chan October 9, 2016 San Francisco, travel


Electric Tour Company has various tours throughout San Francisco. The most popular tours are the Fisherman’s Wharf & Waterfront Segway Tour, as well as the Golden Gate Park Segway Tour.


We took the Golden Gate Park Segway tour through the westside of park. As this was our first time on a segway, we opted for the basic tour rather than the advanced.


On this tour, we glided through seven beautiful miles of Golden Gate Park’s landscaped trails and roads, visiting hidden sights that include the Lily Pond, Shakespeare Garden and Fern Grotto. The tour explores the east end, including the National Aids Memorial, Music Concourse, Pioneer Grove, and Stow Lake.

Our group had 6 people, so it was a small and intimate group.


We began the day with a 40 minute introductory lesson on using the seaways properly and doing mini exercises to get everyone comfortable with the segways.


For me it was easy to get a hang of maneuvering the segway, but there were a few people who needed extra assistance in controlling their speed and stopping.


Once the guides were confident in our abilities, we went on our way around the park visiting the main loop, Conservatory of Flowers, lake, Japanese garden and then back to where the tour started.


We even got a chance to go off roading with the segways. It was bumpy, but it was super fun.


One of the funnest part of the ride was doing the free ride around the lake so we could break out of formation and test the high speeds of the seaways. The seaways are set to hit tops speeds of 10 miles per hour, which isn’t too quick when going downhill.


The time flies quite quickly, but all of our calves were sore by the end of the tour.


Final Thoughts

The Golden Gate Park Segway tour is a fun way to explore the park while riding a segway. We mostly saw tourists like ourselves were on this tour. At $75, it’s a bit steep for 2.5 hours, but you’ll get some fun photos out of it and you can tell all your friends you are a pro at riding a segway.



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