El Inka Deli: Latin American Food in Burnaby,BC

M, Jewels, and I decided to have dinner at El Inka Deli. It’s a hidden restaurant in the Burnaby Central area. I’ve never heard it until someone told me I had to check it out. It’s also beside the Burnaby Hospital, so if you are in the area, do check this place out.

El Inka Deli serves Latin American food and it’s very unique to find this type of food in Burnaby. It is family owned and you will get a sense of that once you walk in the door.

Jarritos Lime was ordered by M and he really enjoyed the fizzy sour taste of it. I had half of this and it’s really good Mexican soda.

Horchata is a traditional drink made out of almonds, sesame seeds, rice and barley. The way they made the horchata was very gritty and had a strong sesame seed taste. We were not a big fan of this.

Chicken Empanadas was an item was started out with. It was crispy on the outside and nicely toasted.

The inside had a good amount of filling and was delicious. Yum!

Cheese empanadas was even better than the chicken empanadas. It took a while for it to arrive at the table, but ooey gooey cheese was inside this empanadas! SO GOOD!!! If you love cheese, you will go GAGA over this!

Picada Criolla has pork chop, pork, sausage, fried plantains, fried cassava, corn bread, and potatoes. It was definitely a meaty dish. The sausage tastes good, but the pork chops and ribs were really dry. The fried cassava were like fries, really really delicious. M and Jewels both ordered this, but I don’t think they would order this again.

Mixto Ceviche has raw fish and octopus with corn, yam, onion and cilantro in a acidic sauce. It was huge!

It was probably one of the better ceviches I’ve had and the portion was very very large. It’s a good size for sharing!

I wanted a bit of heat in my ceviche, so they give a hot sauce on the side. It’s not the usual hot sauce you would think of, but this was spicy and it did the trick!

Overall, the food can be a hit and miss at El Inka Deli and take a while to arrive at your table too. I would still come again because it’s close to where I live and I love ceviche!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Paid parking in front (but can be very confusing how to park)
  • Decent prices
  • Ceviche is delicious!
  • Slow service

We Rate El Inka Deli:

3826 Sunset Street
Burnaby, BC

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