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Diana Chan September 12, 2010 Chinese, Renfrew-Collingwood, Three Beakers

Since I apparently like late night snacking, East No. 1 Seafood Restaurant seemed like a good place to get our Chinese food cravings fulfilled.

M liked their sweet and sour pork, so he insisted we go. Even though this place is usually for dim sum…we just took a gamble and went for evening dinner.

Unlike the weekend afternoons, this place was pretty empty compared to the super packed weekends where asian people are fighting over the last egg tart.

We started off the meal accidently ordering the house soup, which had corn and meat in it. It was really nice and refreshing and came out to be ~$10 and served about 4 people. Not bad, but I’m sure if you know how to make soup, it would be a fraction of the price. I should get my mother to make more soup.

Next we had the best sweet and sour pork in Vancouver… M and FragileBoy are the advocates of this claim. I clearly did not believe them until I tried for myself, the meat was really well fried but I wish there was more meat and less vegetables. Overall really nice!

Next we had the Yan Su Fried Rice, nothing too special about it since it tasted liked typical fried rice with shrimp. I love shrimp, so it easy for me to like it right away.

Also, we had a chicken fried noodle, which was amazing since I love crispy noodle. I actually eat it for the texture of the crunch noodle rather than what’s on top. The noodles were so crunchy so when you put it in your mouth you can hear the noodles go crunch.

Lastly, we had the spicy green beans, which was nice and spicy. What I didn’t like about the dish was that the beans were a bit soggy and it was not very crunch when you bit it. Compared to some other Chinese places, this dish didn’t make me like it.

At the end of our meal they gave us sesame balls, and red bean/wild rice soup. It was a nice end to the meal and I did enjoy the sesame balls and the soup. Made the meal a bit more enjoyable.

If you love Chinese food and want some place cheap to eat at in Vancouver. Try out East no. 1 Seafood Restaurant! They also do dim sum!

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2800 E 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC

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