Driediger Farms: Always Best To Pick Your Own Berries For Cheap

Diana Chan August 12, 2011 Farm, Food for Thought

For the longest time I really believed there was no berry picking near Vancouver until I started Googling for berry farms. Turns out there are a few in Langley. I grabbed ConsultingGirl and Monster to join me in the berry picking festivities.

I was really excited because it was something I have never done before. We drove for 40 minutes and google maps sent us to the wrong place. You are in the right place if you see a red building with a few picnic benches.

Since I brought my own bucket I didn’t have to purchase a bucket. If you are here without a bucket, you can purchase one from them.

The bucket costs $1.50 and it is similar to the ice cream tubs.

In order to get to the Blueberry patch, we needed to cross the road and pass by the strawberry patch.

Since strawberries aren’t in season, we couldn’t pick any of them. Strawberries are my favorite of all the berries. 🙁 They still do grow strawberries, but they are off-limits for the U-pick option.  You can also purchase it from them, but they didn’t look very good.

Since it might take you a bit of time to find the right patch, remember to read the signs. You know you have arrived when you see the open sign.

The blueberry bushes are the ones that are higher. There are many many rows for you to pick, but you really won’t need to go down to more than one row.

The blueberries look really good and certain bushes are full of them. Some are not as plentiful, but you should be able to have good luck filling up your bucket.

After a while, it gets pretty hot in the field, so remember to wear sunscreen. You will find yourself really digging through the bushes to find a branch that has a large amount of ripe berries. It’s really fun!

There were also a few people sitting on the ground picking the berries that are closer to the ground. Most people pick from the top and move on.

We all slowly filled up our buckets, so it really didn’t take too much time. If you take a lot of care picking your berries, you will obviously take a longer time. 

Their raspberry patch is also open. This is located closer to the parking lot where you arrived at, so you need to cross the road back to your original location. The raspberry bushes are way higher and is probably taller than you.

I didn’t have as much fun picking the raspberries because I found it a bit difficult trying to find the cleaner ripe berries. I tried to avoid the ones that did not come off the branch easily.

The berries looked super amazing and delicious. I probably ate a few in the fields without washing…but that should be fine. Just make sure there are no bugs in it.

After you are done, bring it to the red house to get it weighed. If you fill up the ice cream tub near the top, it will cost you about $6 – $7. It’s not bad at all since it’s only $1.50 per pound. You get a great deal and you picked it all yourself.

If you are planning to bring your own bucket, make sure to weigh it prior so you aren’t paying for the weight of the bucket itself.

After this experience, I found it hard to pay regular price at stores. Even if you don’t finish it all, you can freeze them in the future to make smoothies.


Since the 3 of us had so many blueberries, we decided to make blueberry pies! We just found a regular blueberry pie recipe on . We decided to do 2 pies, one with the full top and another with the crisscross top.


Making the pies were really easy and it really wasn’t as difficult as I thought! As long as you follow the recipe, you can’t go wrong.

From the farm to your plate. Isn’t that so amazing? I thought it was worth it.

Words of Wisdom:

  • $1.50 per pound for U-Pick
  • Blueberries, raspberries and currants are in season
  • Bring your own bucket and weigh it prior to picking
  • Wear sunscreen, old shoes and sunglasses
7361 240 St
Langley, BC V1M 3P8
(604) 888-1685


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