Chocolate Chair: Dragons Breath in San Francisco

Diana Chan December 25, 2016 Cafe, San Francisco, Two Beakers


Chocolate Chair at the Japan Centre draws huge line ups for their Dragon’s Breath, a cereal-like fruity pebbles soaked in liquid nitrogen. Once you comp down on the cereal, a bunch of smoke comes out of your nose and mouth.


It’s been catching wildfire on social media and I wasn’t intending on coming here, but since we saw the huge line up, we decided to give it a try too.


They make it to order and its run to watch them put it together as ton and tons of smoke come out of their mixers.


The cup with the Dragons Breath is super cold and becomes frosted over. The smoke it coming out of the cup.

Grab a few and pop it into your mouth to see the steam coming out of your mouth or nose. It just tasted like dry stale cereal. Most like fruity pebbles. It was a fun experience to try it but it doesn’t warrant a revisit anytime soon.


We Rate Chocolate Chair

Japan Center, Level 2
1737 Post Street, San Francisco


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