Don’sta: New Korean Donkatsu Restaurant

M April 8, 2011 Coquitlam, Korean, Three Beakers

M here, reviewing Don’sta, a Korean Donkatsu restaurant next to the Toad on North Road. Donkatsu is Korean word for deep fried pork cutlets. Design Girl, BusanGirl, and I went out to our unofficial Korean Night, where we take our Korean close friends to eat at Korean restaurants.

On this particular trip, I was pining one of my favourite food, donkatsu and  BusanGirl recommended Don’sta. Don’sta  went through a lot of owner changes. It used to be called Daeji, then 6, and finally Donsta. Apparently Donsta is currently going through renovations, so we will definitely go check it out when it’s done!

On the outside, you see remnants of the previous names, which makes for a pretty shabby exterior. The interior isn’t much better. Random assortments of chairs and tables that do not match are spread around the room. In retrospect, it is kind of charming and unique. Hopefully both the interior and exterior are being renovated and improved.

The menu is only half a page long. Half the page is in Korean, and the other in English. They really do specialize in pork cutlets, but they also serve pasta.

Once you order, cutlery and water is self service, as is in most Korean restaurants. However, neatest part was the all you can eat salad bar. The salad was fresh and tasty. The banana peppers are incredibly hot, so be careful!

We ordered the Sesame Donkatsu, the Hot Plate Donkatsu, and the Rice Cake Cheese Pasta. The Sesame Donkatsu ($7.59) was by far the most delicious donkatsu I had in Vancouver so far. The donkatsu itself was cooked correctly so that the meat is tender and the outside is crispy. The donkatsu sauce mixed with a lot of sesame seeds and powder is a great combination of sweet and saltiness.

The Spicy Rice Cake Cheese Pasta ($8.26), was very unique and delicious! The rice cakes were soft and the noodles were perfect. I highly recommend trying more of their pasta!

The only negative thing about the whole dinner was the Korean Style Spicy Donkatsu on Grill ($8.26). It was nothing special and rather dull looking when it came out. Usually, donkatsu places would have fish flakes wriggling up from the heat all over the hot plate dokatsu, but not this one. Definitely a disappointment.

Donsta is a great small place when you fell like eating Korean style pasta and donkatsu. Can’t wait to see their new renovations!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10
  • Free parking
  • Authentic Korean Food

We Rate Don’sta: 


#205-4501 North Road


604 566 9107
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  1. Elaine April 8, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Sesame Donkatsu…that sounds interesting!

  2. DesignGirl April 8, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Pretty good stuff! Very surprised!

    I’ll probably return here in a few weeks to check out more items on their menu

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