Donnellan’s Chipper is your next drunk food stop in Vancouver

Jenn Semilla February 7, 2019 Downtown, Fast Food, irish

Donnellan’s Chipper opened just over a month ago. Many Irish expats already know about them because it’s the only place in Vancouver that serves McDonnells Irish curry sauce over fries. Strategically located on Granville Street by the late night clubs, Donnellan’s offers the perfect after-party drunk food.


The interior is well-lit and open. The front half of the space have bar height stools and tables, whereas the back half have wall booth seating. There is a bar setup in anticipation for their liquor license, which they expect to receive soon.

Orders are placed by the bar, then food is picked-up by the kitchen and passed-through. 


The menu is a collection of everything you want after a night or day of drinking. Donnellan’s is also a favourite during work hours with nearby office workers and construction crews.

The most popular items on their menu are their specialty fries. They take pride in their fries which are made in-house using Kennebec potatoes that are cut with a custom made chipper to ensure the correct thickness. Once cut, it’s soaked overnight to draw out the starches to achieve the fluffy texture, then cooked until golden brown

Here’s what we tried:

Curry cheese fries

This is their most popular menu item and is a favourite amongst expats. Donnellan’s Chipper imports McDonnell’s curry from Ireland. It’s a curry that’s not spicy, in fact it’s a bit sweet, and compliments their fries really well.

Garlic cheese fries

Another favourite by the regulars is the garlic cheese fries. The garlic sauce is concentrated and is very tasty. This was my personal favourite.

Battered burger and battered sausage

The battered burger and sausage are their signature items. It’s a simple and effective snack; it’s a burger or sausage that is battered, deep fried, then served wrapped in paper for portability…or simply held on one hand while downing a beer with the other.

Chicken Fillet Burger and sides

The Chicken Fillet burger was great! It was the only meat item we had that wasn’t deep fried. To be honest, I don’t have a picture because I ate it too fast. It’s grilled chicken breast with mayo and lettuce between two burger buns. Yes, it’s very similar to McDonald’s McChicken, but Donnellan’s version is juicy and satisfying.

Donnellan’s is very proud of their fries and the way they make it. We ordered a side of regular fries and I’m glad to say that they can stand on their own. We were told our meal wouldn’t be complete without a side of mashed peas, so we tried it and we liked it too.

Final thoughts

Donnellan’s Chipper offers a great selection of unabashed deep fried, guilt-free tasty food. Their items are great for sharing with a group of friends.

If you are drunk from a night of partying or just need to load up on carbs, give them a try. I can see myself nibbling on a battered burger while waiting for a cab along Granville Street.

1224 Granville St, Vancouver, BC


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