Donair Town

Diana Chan October 6, 2010 SFU, Two Beakers

As a student, there are not many good places to eat on campus. Donair Town is considered one of the better places to eat. Something about their taste of donairs and platters make my taste buds salivate.

For lunch, JojoCake and I went to Donair Town after our class to grab a bite during our 3 hour break. Since we are not carnivorous beasts, we chose to have the Mini Platter.

The mini platter consists of rice, a green salad with cucumber and tomatoes, and chicken meat. You can customize it with different sauces you want on top such as garlic sauce, tzatziki, or hot sauce.

Of course there are way more items on the menu than just platters.  They have donairs, falafaels, and platters.  You can choose from Beef, Chicken or lamb as your meat.

As for the service, I find that they hire a lot of international students so their English is not great. I remember seeing one girl in front of me in the line and she wanted to add an extra topping to her donair and well, they both confused each other a lot.

Words of advice:

  • Morning does not mean fresh, sometimes their tomatoes look a bit soggy because they have been left overnight

Overall, the food is decent, but it can be a bit expensive. About $6 for a mini platter, $9 for a full platter and $5/6 for a falafel or donair. If you want a quick bite and you don’t want to wait in line for Tim Hortons, go here instead.

We rate DonairTown:

They are located at SFU Burnaby Campus.

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