[Sneak Peek] Dine Out 2019 at Dockside Restaurant

Diana Chan January 10, 2019 Dineout, Granville Island, Seafood

Dockside Restaurant is back as one of the participating restaurants on the Dine Out Vancouver 2019 list. We got a special sneak peek to see what they are offering customers. You will be treated to their $35 menu which has 3 courses per person.

They are located on Granville Island specializing in West Coast Cuisine. Popular in the Summer for their fresh seafood and patio views.

Dine Out 2019 Menu

You choose 1 dish from the 3 categories and you have the option of wine pairings for $12 extra.


Cucumber Caprese comes with 3 pieces on a plate and it has cucumber, bocconcini, strawberry, and a pomegranate reduction. This is gluten-free and vegetarian. A good fresh and crisp way to start the meal.

Wine pairing: Fitzpatrick Pinot Blanc

Korean Spiced Arancini is paired with their chili lime aioli. This is a vegetarian dish as well and it comes in 2 pieces per order. It was delicious and not spicy at all. A good use of Korean spices to go with this traditional Italian snack.

Wine Pairing: Perseus Pinot Grigio

Beef Empanada comes with 2 pieces and it has avocado crema, and a charred tomato bell pepper relish. The exterior was really crisp, but the empanada isn’t fully closed, so if you eat it with your hands, some filling might fall out.

Wine Pairing: Skaha Cabernet Franc


Singapore Seafood curry is a gluten-free dish and it has seafood in it and topped with pieces of coconut rice cake. It has a rich coconut flavour but not too heavy.

Wine Pairing: Road 13 Viognier

Crispy Braised Chicken uses chicken thighs, flageolet bean cassoulet, and pan jus. A hearty dish and the chicken thighs were juicy. This is also a gluten-free dish too.

Wine Pairing: Sperling Pinot Noir

Grilled Lamb Rack comes with 3 pieces a top lemon herb gnocchi, veggies and chimichurri sauce. The lamb was delicious and cooked perfectly, but the gnocchi wasn’t as soft and fluffy as I thought it would have been.

Wine Pairing: Ravens Wood Cabernet Sauvignon

Mushroom Goat Cheese Risotto is their vegetarian dish for the entrees. It has forged wild mushrooms, and goat cheese. The dish smelled vibrant of truffles, but when we ate into it, it was a tad bland like it needed a bit more salt.

Wine Pairing: Dessert Hills Chardonnay


Chocolate Crème Brûlée is topped with berries and served with a house made biscotti on the side. It was ok.

Apple Pie “lollipop” a la mode is served with vanilla gelato. I preferred this dish over the chocolate crème brûlée, but that’s just my personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Overall, some hits and misses on the menu, but there is variety that not just all seafood. It’s good they have gluten-free and vegetarian options on the menu so everyone can enjoy.

1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


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