[Sneak Peek] Dine Out Vancouver 2019 at Donsanko Restaurant

Diana Chan January 18, 2019 Dineout, Japanese, Strathcona

Dosanko Restaurant serves up Yōshoku-style Japanese cuisine using seasonally inspired, local ingredients following Japanese traditions of using what’s around you.

They are one of the participating restaurants on the Dine Out Vancouver 2019 list. We got a special sneak peek to see what they are offering customers. You will be treated to their $25 menu lunch and dinner menu. There is also a vegetarian menu too.


The space is very rustic and features a bar and a good amount of seating. Best to make reservations as it will be pretty busy during Dine Out Vancouver to ensure a seat for your party.



Potato and leek soup is a vegetarian option and made from scratch. Good depth of flavour and a good way to start the meal.

Smoked Saba Croquette is outstanding. The exterior is crisp and the inside if fluffy and has a good smoked saba flavour inside. My favourite of the 3 appetizers.

Aki’s Salad is vegan and it has seasonal greens, vegetable, seeds, grains and a koji dressing. Light and refreshing.


Cabbage Rolls are stuffed with a pork mixture and comes in 2 varieties of sauces. Very comforting and the sauces were very complimentary to the cabbage roll. An interesting twist to the dish.

Winter Veggie Doria is a vegetarian dish and is served in a hot stone bowl. There is rice on the bottom, an assortment of veggies and a delicious white cream sauce. Very filling, good flavours, and like comfort in a bowl.

Hayashi-Rice has their hayashi sauce made of beef shank and caramelized onion and served with pickled veg and rice. So comforting! A good potion size too. This was the favourite of the entrees.


Panna Cotta with Citrus was a treat. The vanilla in the panna cotta was really good and the grapefruit and orange segments are beautiful and paired well with its bright flavours.

Amazake Rice Pudding is vegetarian and was the most surprising item on the menu that I adored. It has fermented rice with koji, rice pudding, azuki red beans, vanilla ice cream and kinako. Wow, just so damn good. No words to express how much I loved it.

Sorbet is the vegan option. 3 flavours – quince, peach, and berries. Good options for those who can’t have the other 2 dessert options. Very good flavours too.

Final Thoughts

For a $25 3-course menu, it’s one of the better values on the Dine Out Vancouver options. Highly recommend Dosanko for either lunch or dinner. One of my favourite dine out meals so far.

66 Powell St Unit #100, Vancouver, BC


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  1. Connie Leung January 25, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    We were going to go last year!! But end up not going 🙁 Too bad the Vegetable Doria has to have cheese in order for it to taste yummy – That cheese pull.. !!

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