[Sneak Peek] Dine Out 2019 at PiDGiN Restaurant

Diana Chan January 17, 2019 Dineout, Fusion, Gastown

PiDGiN Restaurant is located between Chinatown and Gastown. They specialize in Asian and French fusion cuisine paired with craft cocktails.

They are one of the participating restaurants on the Dine Out Vancouver 2019 list. We got a special sneak peek to see what they are offering customers. You will be treated to their $45 menu which is served family-style. You can get the Omnivore menu or the vegetarian menu. Great to have both options.

Dine Out 2019 Menu + Drink Menu

Wine and Sake Pairings

You can add on wine and sake pairings to your dine out meal to really accentuate your experience at PiDGiN. They are known for their wine and sake program, so sit back and relax as they educate you on a variety of drinks. It is a $45 add on, but it’s a great selection.

Head Cheese Terrine

This was one of my favourite dishes of the evening. The smooth texture of the terrine was so good when paired with the crispy puffed beef tendon and savoury pickled shiitake mushrooms.

Corned Beet Salad

No beef found here, but only beets. The ricotta and the pumpkin seed crackers add much needed texture and complimentary flavours that go well together. There is also a ume vinaigrette and fermented daikon in it.


The Okonomiyaki is topped with green onions, Bulldog sauce and KewPie Japanese Mayonnaise. It’s a bit dense like it’s a Japanese pancake pizza.

Seared Pacific Rockfish

It also has riesling choucroute. The rockfish was delicious and full of flavour.

Cache Creek Skirt Steak Ssam

This dish is more interactive and you put a bit of steak, kimchi, daikon, garlic, and ssamjang and eat it like a lettuce wrap. The steak was made medium rare but was a bit tough and not as tender than we initially thought.

Chocolate and Black Tea Parfait

To end the meal, this is the chocolate and black tea parfait with Ovaltine crumble. The parfait and the foam has a very similar texture so it blended together, so it was hard to differentiate the strong chocolate taste. The Ovaltine crumble was a nice added texture.

The following dishes below are a few different dishes on their Dine Out Vegetarian menu or add ons.

Spicy Miso Fried Cauliflower

It also has sesame seeds, basil, and mint. This is a vegetarian dish and can be found on their Vegetarian Dine Out Menu. It is packed with so much umami flavour from the miso. Great combination.

Kombu Risotto

This has soy braised fennel, confit leeks, wakame and pickled kombu. This was my least favourite vegetarian dish as it felt more like a congee rather than a risotto. Lacked a bit of seasoning and needed more flavour.

Cultivated Mushrooms

I could have this plate all to myself. It also has squash puree, yuzu brown butter, and a ramen egg. So damn good. Highly recommended!

Oyster Shot

This is an add on for an extra $4.50 and it is served in a shot glass with a horseradish emulsion and apple granite on top. A fun way to start the meal.

Final Thoughts

The menu is pretty solid and there are so many ways to elevate your experience here with add-ons as well as wine and sake pairings. You can stick with the basics or go beyond it. The family-style concept is nice and refreshing if you like sharing but maybe not for everyone.

350 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC


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